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   Chapter 3 I will get to marry you

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"Miss Nakamura, I would like to let you know that I have an adopted son. His name is Aki. Please know that Aki is very important to me, so you will have to treat him good. I won't want to have to choose between you two, as you would be the loser." Eto said straight.

Yuki nodded, she dabbed a tissue on her mouth. She felt that the ramen in this restaurant fails in flavor to the ramen in her hometown. Too much artificial flavorings.

"I understand, Mr. Iguchi. Your father told me about Aki. Don't worry, I will not be a monster stepmother for him. As you know, I am a nursery school teacher, I like children. It doesn't matter whose children they are." She firmly said.

It sounded good to Eto, at least he can be sure that Aki will not be mistreated.

"Besides, your father told me that Aki is your sister's son, so he is not an outsider to your family at all." She added.

"I see, " Eto mused, good thinking there, father.

Yuki continued eating, this time, she started with the dumplings.

"Miss Nakamura, " Eto said, barely touching his food, "I would like to know what arrangements did you make with my father for you to be chosen as my wife." He was watching her facial expression, which she kept hidden as her face is slightly lowered due to her continuous eating.

How could she eat like that in front of me? Like she is not mindful at all.

Yuki lifted her face from the food, a portion of it was left on the side of her mouth. Suppressing a chuckle, Eto motioned for it, and it was the first time that Eto saw a rise in color on her cheeks. She quickly dabbed a tissue on her mouth.

So, she can be ashamed, too.

"Sorry, " Yuki murmured, "For the arrangements Mr. Iguchi, can you please clarify your question?"

Eto cleared his throat, "Yes, I would like to know if there is any special agreement or condition that my father and you entered into for you to marry me."

Yuki opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again upon quick thinking. She wants to be as honest to him as possible.

"Aside from the fact that he told me that I must be healthy enough to bear you a child, your father and I have no other condition on this marriage, Mr. Iguchi." She started to put the last dumpling on her mouth when she remembered something.

"Oh, I think I remember that your father told me that he will expect for me to be pregnant with your child within 1 year, if you call that an agreement then that's the only thing we agreed upon."

Eto could not hide the surprise on his face. No other conditions? That is impossible.

He leaned back on his chair and looked closely at the lady who is eating with much appetite. She has started to eat her baked chicken with the brown rice.

"Miss Nakamura, what will you get from this marriage?" He asked straight.

He won't be so dumb as to think that his father just found an educated lady who happens to want to marry him without any reason. They don't even know each other so there is no way Yuki Nakamura has been harboring a romantic feeling for him. Besides, since they met earlier, she has not shown any sign of attraction towards him. She has been treating him just like she would treat any other guys, maybe even colder than the way she treated the waiter before.

Yuki looked up at him again, a strange expression on her face. She then smiled at him.

"I will get to marry you, Mr. Iguchi."

Then it dawned on Eto.

This lady is beyond smart. She is dangerously cunning.

Of course! Being married to him would give her all the privileges due for the legal wife of a senator. What else could she want? As long as she remains faithful to him and bear him a child, she could live in luxurious and protected environment. She won't ever have to work. Very clever indeed.

He did not realize that his fists are clenched under the table.

Eto suddenly lost his appetite to eat. He put his chopsticks on the table and looked at his wristwatch. It was only 12:40PM. He will look so rude if he just go and leave her.

He started to sip his coffee, trying to clear his mind from what he just realized from her answer.

What else did he expect anyway?

Yuki eyed Eto, who seemed suddenly in a bad mood as he sipped his coffee. She noticed that he has not touched his baked chicken and dumplings. She looked at the time, still early to go back to his office.

"Mr. Iguchi, if you won't eat your food, would you mind if I eat them?" she asked nonchalantly.

As Eto looked at her food, he saw that she finished her order. Since he is in a bad mood, he just nodded and

slightly pushed the food towards her, indicating that he is giving them to her.

Her face lit up like that of a child's, as she took his food and began eating them. He studied her actions and features closely.

She is not slim nor fat, she has the proper curves befitting of a woman. Her hair was dark brown that ended just below her ears. Taller than a common Japanese, he guessed that she must weigh about 50-55kg. She has a nice bust and her butt is also well rounded that corresponds to her slender waist. The conservative looking one piece dress under a gray suit did not hide her feminine curves at all. It even accentuated it perfectly. Maybe that is where all the food is being deposited, he thought as he cast another glance at her well-endowed chest.

Eto did not realize that Yuki has lifted her face and followed his eyes to her chest. Her cheeks burned as she realized that his attention was caught by her 'size'.

Men are all the same, she thought and gave him a sullen look.

Eto coughed a little and continued sipping his coffee. He reckon that she was almost finished with his food as well. He looked at the time, it's 12:45. They should be going back soon.

Yuki noticed his cue, and looked at the time as well. However, his brown rice was also untouched.

"Mr. Iguchi, I won't mind if you go back to your office first. I will finish your food, as it is such a waste to leave them." She said in her usual monotonous voice.

Eto felt bad at her insinuation. He is a public servant after all. It has not been his habit to waste food, but today, he lost appetite because of her.

He decided to finish the remaining of his food without any words. Yuki secretly smiled when she saw him digging in, almost just swallowing the food in a hurry.

In less than 3 minutes, Eto finished his food. He asked for the bill in a hurry and paid it with his card. Maki was already at the front of the restaurant waiting for them when they got out. Again, Yuki did not wait for Eto to open the door for her as she entered the back door. Eto did not mind it either.

If she does not want to be treated like a lady, then so be it.

They arrived in his office at 1 minute before 1:00PM.

As Eto opened his computer and began to work, he noticed that Yuki was still in his room, standing in front of him. He gave her a questioning look.

She smiled timidly and explained why she was still there.

"My luggage is on the reception's area, Mr. Iguchi. Since I came straight from Miyazaki today, your father told me that I can stay in your house from now on."

Great! Eto sighed deeply.

His father is the most authoritative person he has ever met.

They are not yet married, and not yet even formally engaged but he expected this lady to live together with me. It seems that his father's morale has been modernized along with this generation. Not that he minds, of course.

The best way to get to know her is on my bed, he mused.

As he was about to call Maki to send her to the house, she called for his attention.

"Mr. Iguchi, you don't have to send me back to the house immediately, it will inconvenient your staff. Just please allow me to stay here until you go home. I can be inconspicuous so I won't trouble you while doing your job." She said, still standing in front of his desk.

She has been standing since they arrived, and Eto felt guilty.

"Why don't you sit down on the sofa, Miss Nakamura?"

Yuki walked towards the sofa, and she was a bit rattled when Eto sat on the opposite side of the same sofa. She managed to stay calm.

"Miss Nakamura, since we will start living in the same roof, would it be better if we call each other by our first name? Miss Nakamura is quite long, you know, " Eto was trying one more time to use his masculine charms on her.

He leaned close to her and held her hand, half expecting her to pull it away, but she didn't. He let out a disappointed sneer on his face.

She answered his sneer with a cold look and with a blank expression, she met his gaze, "I am here to give birth to your child, Mr. Iguchi. When my ovulation period is on its peak, I will let you know so we can have sex. But that won't happen before marriage, so please wait until then. You don't have to pretend to be nice to me or try to seduce me with your charms. I know you are handsome and attractive, but you can't get me to bed only with those."

Only then did she pull her hand away and sat on the other sofa. She took one magazine on the center table and began to read, totally ignoring his presence.

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