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   Chapter 2 No rules for my own

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Maki drove them to one of the nearest and most private restaurant from the office. Eto usually held meetings here because of the soundproof rooms, and the staff are very mindful of their guests. It is the first time that he came here with a different reason than work.

Well, this is also a kind of business arrangement, he thought to himself, glancing on the mirror to look at the face of the lady that he will marry soon. If this marriage won't work, he will blame his father.

Maki opened the door for him, as well as for Yuki. As Eto was expecting her to put her hand on his arm, he stood there waiting. But she just walked past him, giving him a look that says 'what are you waiting for?'. Eto shook his head and followed her inside, Maki was also with them.

The table that Eto chose was the one on the corner, he does not think that they need a closed room for this simple meal and get-to-know-each-other thing. Maki sat on another table, giving privacy to his boss, but close enough to protect him when the need arises. After all, Maki is not only his assistant but his chief of security as well.

Eto does not want to keep too many staff and pay for them with the people's tax, so when he found Maki, and learned that he has military experience, he hired him. He just trained Maki for the other paper works.

"What would you like to have, Miss Nakamura?" Eto inquired casually as he looked at the menu, as the waiter stood next to their table with a pad and a pen in his hand.

He expected her to say 'I will have what you recommend', as it has always been the most common reply he get when it comes to first meeting or date like this. Ladies would always try to impress him by have him think that they don't eat too much so they are not high maintenance.

To his surprise, Yuki Nakamura read the menu and after some moments that seemed like she was carefully choosing the food, she stated her order.

"Baked chicken in tartar sauce, 6 pieces of dumplings, a bowl of seafood soup, medium bowl of ramen with 3 slices of beef, and 1 medium bowl of brown rice." She smiled warmly to the waiter after reading her order, who was writing on his pad as fast as he could.

Eto suppressed his chuckle.


With one arched eyebrow and eyes never leaving the menu, he said to the waiter, "I will have the same order as she does, "

This time, it looks like his expectations are way too out of the chart.

As the waiter bowed and took the menu, they were left together. Although it is just 10 minutes past 12:00 noon, there are fewer customers than usual. The place was a bit expensive than the common restaurant but their servings here are larger, the atmosphere is private and serene, and you can observe the ever-busy Shibuya crossing. This is Eto's favorite spot, as it always remind him to work when it's really time for work, indicated by the fast steps of the people crossing the road.

"Well, Miss Nakamura, I believe that we can now start to get to know each other a little before our wedding." Eto leaned on his chair, crossed his arms on his wide chest and stared at her openly.

She met his stare with hers, unwavering, until she turned her face away to get the glass of water and drink from it.

"Of course, Mr. Iguchi. I shall start my self-introduction then." She said with a smile plastered on her face. "I am 25 years old, born in June, a nursery school teacher in Miyazaki. I like blue and pink, and I play tennis when I have time. I don't like spicy food." At his bored expression, her face turned serious "I am here to be your wife, and I will try my best to fulfill my role."

Eto nodded. He listened to her words, but found himself comparing her information with Ivy's. Ivy was born in April, now she is 27, she also likes blue and pink, and she is very good in knitting, as he recently noticed. He noticed one time that the flower vase cover in their living room has changed, and when he asked the staff who bought it, he said that Ivy made it herself. It was a flower-shaped pink and blue cover. It looked lovely and homely. Also, Ivy has a very warm and likeable personality.

His wandering expression did not escape Yuki's eyes, and she felt unco

mfortable. She feels like his thoughts are not with her at the moment.

"Mr. Iguchi?"

Her well-modulated voice brought him back before he started daydreaming again about another man's wife.

"I see, " Eto nodded, pretending that his attention was with her, "that is nice to know. Since we are both aware that this marriage is arranged by my father, we have no choice but to play our roles as best as we could."

Yuki nodded in agreement. Eto leaned on the table, intently looking at her "aside from fulfilling our roles, shall we set some rules in our marriage, Miss Nakamura?"

This is his second marriage, he would be damned if he let himself be cuckolded again.

At the intensely serious look in Eto's eyes, Yuki nodded seriously as well. Since she is here, it is better to do her task as best as she could.

Eto then motioned for Maki, who was patiently waiting for his cue. He gave them each a piece of paper and a pen. At Yuki's questioning look, Eto said, "We shall write here the most important thing or things that each of us should never ever do in our marriage. This will be legally binding so think carefully."

Only then, a flicker of emotion was seen in her usually unreadable eyes. It escaped Eto as he was already writing on the paper. Yuki also began to write. After a few minutes, Eto finished first, and he carefully read the words that he wrote until Yuki finished.

Without another word, they exchanged the papers and read through it.

In Eto's paper, he wrote, Rule No. 1. If I found out that Yuki Nakamura cuckold me, I will not be responsible if I kill her and her lover.

Rule No. 2. If we divorce on the ground of infidelity, Yuki Nakamura will not get a dime from Eto Iguchi.

Rule No. 3. Yuki Nakamura will have to fulfill all her wifely duties as long as she is married to Eto Iguchi.

In Yuki's paper, she wrote, Yuki Nakamura will follow all the rules set by Senator Eto Iguchi. I have no rules of my own.

Eto has a frown on his face as he looked at Yuki, trying to comprehend if she is serious or not.

Seriously? How could she not have any demands or rules by herself?

He cleared his throat and motioned for Maki to come.

"If you don't want to add anything here, please print your name and stamp your seal on it. I will have it notarized later and will give you a copy."

Eto was silently observing as she opened her small handbag and took out her seal, then stamped it just beside her printed name. She writes very legibly, Eto thought. As expected from a teacher.

Then, it was Eto's turn to put his seal on his name. As he took out his seal, his expression softened as he saw the seal case that was knitted by Ivy for him. He touched it softly before taking out his seal and stamped on the paper.

The change in his expression made Yuki thought about one thing. The person who might have given him the seal case must hold a special place in his heart. She has been observing his facial expression but it's the first time it turned as soft as it just has. She could tell that it was a handmade one, so the person who gave it to him must also feel something for Eto.

An ex-lover? She thought.

Then Maki took the paper from them, and the waiter who has been observing from afar realized his cue and immediately put the food on their table. After saying 'itadakimasu', they both started to eat silently.

Yuki occasionally stole glances at Eto, thinking why did he order the same food with her. From the looks of it, Eto does not have that much appetite. She could even finish his food as well, she thought.

Eto, on the other hand, was thinking about Yuki Nakamura's character. Why would she just agree to everything he wants? It made him think there must be some form of agreement that has been made between his father and Yuki Nakamura. Otherwise, he could not think how obedient she could get. He could tell from her demeanor that she is not a stupid lady, nor is she someone who does not have a mind of herself.

It's either he ask her now or never. After all, he does not want any misunderstandings. He wants everything to be perfectly clear between them, since it will only be 6 months from now before their wedding day.

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