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   Chapter 53 Thank You

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Updated: 2019-01-12 22:48

"Are we all set?" King Vertud asked at Muru. The latter bowed to him and said, "Yes your highness."

Meanwhile, Hera noticed that Muru kept on glancing at her side while she just ignored him. King Vertud had seen the unusual action of Hera and this confirmed that she was already swayed by Therion. He should not let it happen. He must convince his daughter that the bastard just had a bad motive on her, will just use her against him and that he was just playing with her emotions.

As soon as they arrived at the campsite, Hera locked herself up on her tent for days. She doesn't want to be disturbed.

So she was startled when someone had barged inside her tent and dare to disturb her solitude.

"Sissssss…." It was Shen who suddenly hugged her tightly followed by Shan who smiled at her.

"Oh thank goodness you were both fine now." She said with teary eyes. She was so happy to see them safe and sound during this time.

"Yes, your friend Shay took good care of us during our recovery at Shadow Palace. She actually wants to come with us but the Shadow King did not allow it." Shen explained.

Hera just listened, she can't remember her being friends with Mistress Shay but how she wished she was. She shook her head to erase the unnecessary thought.

"Sis, King Vertud is now activating the soldiers including the dead ones we encountered before." Shan reported.

Shen's face crumpled and said, "The King placed those creepy soldiers all at frontier. They were almost ready for the all out battle. Enuma reinforcements were also here and they are now in a meeting for their battle tactics against Akasha. This battle will be very bloody."

Hera just sighed deeply. What can she do to stop the fighting? She can't even decide where to stand

Hera took her binocular to see well. She was scanning the whole battleground to look for just one person but to her disappointment he was not there. Then her eyes widened when she saw Rion running widely at the battlegrounds attacking all their soldiers violently. Someone was riding him and she was sure it was Therion. Rion will not let anyone ride him except for her and Therion alone. Hera's heart beats fast as she looked at her binocular to confirm it.

Tears suddenly fell from her eyes while she smiled in relief as she confirmed it was him. "Thank you for being alive." She whispered still looking at him from her binocular.

She was happy and relieved. 'Are you that healed already to even fight like that?' she asked inwardly as her smile faded and she started frowning. Therion was fighting like a ruthless King moving forward.

She saw her father rode his horse to face Therion.

"No!" She gasped because she knew her father will use the power of aether and Therion definitely can't fight against it. Hera quickly reined her horse to follow her father.

She heard Muru from her back shouted to stop her but she just reined the horse to move faster.

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