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   Chapter 52 Please Live

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Updated: 2019-01-05 11:28

Hera was still out of herself as she stared at Therion's ship that was now far from them. She barely sees it. Unconsciously, tears kept on flowing out from her eyes.

"I am so happy to see you again my child." King Vertud said as he hugged Hera tightly.

"Why are you crying?" Her father asked while he thought that it was Hera's tears of joy as they have been reunited again. Hera now burst out into a much louder cry. She cried so hard on her father's arms while the latter gently patted her back.

She had mixed emotions right now. She was so worried of Therion, seeing a lot of blood rushed out from his body before her eyes. 'Please live. Please live.' She kept on saying those words on her mind as she cried.

"My child, are you alright? You look so pale." King Vertud asked on a worried tone. Hera looked at her father and said, "I met someone who had called me Yuna. She was insisting I am Yuna and that she knew me as her friend from another world."

Hera wasted no time and asked her father about the things that bothering her mind.

"And you believed him?" Kind Vertud exclaimed and look directly at Hera. She doesn't know what to say and just bowed her head lightly.

"What is it? Don't tell me you fancy the King of Akasha?" King Vertud asked in disbelief. He had heard that his daughter was not locked up and was treated fairly by Therion. He was not surprised at all if Therion was bewildered by his daughter's beauty. However, he did not expect his daughter to be swayed as well. He had treated her like a real one and although he had a bad motive at first but as time go

e can't help but think about Therion, she was still worried on his condition.

She was right with her hunch, that it could be the last day she'll be able to see him. Until her memory was all blank, the fact that she was still the Hedus Princess remains. She was Hera and not Yuna. She was not bounded to be with him but rather an enemy destined to kill him.


"Your majesty, there's a report that King Vertud was mobilizing all his men for a full attack on the battlegrounds." Fang reported. He was at the nearest City at Southeast Sea to recuperate.

"Ready all our men and we will head-out there now." Therion instructed. His wound was deep but thankfully it does not hit any of his vital organs and his bleeding was stopped in time by the Guardian of Air who happened to know Hera, no its Yuna. He was more convinced that she was really Yuna and not the Princess of Hedus Kingdom.

"Just wait for me. I will definitely get you back no matter what, " Therion said while gritting his teeth and clenching his fist with Hera's spiral bracelet in it.

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