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   Chapter 51 I Don't Want You To Get Hurt

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Updated: 2019-01-03 19:04

The battle was nonstop, the ear-splitting sound of bombs and drums and the different launch of attacks were whooshing and banging the calmness of the sea.

"Give me that, " Rin said to one of the soldier who was holding a binocular. She was curious to see the beast that said to board the Akasha flagship with the King and the Princess of Hedus Kingdom.

She looked at the ship beside her and her eyes widened when she saw a very big bad wolf that's even taller than a human. Then she moved the binocular to look for King Therion. 'Wow, another handsome man.' She thought inwardly before she looked for the Princess.

"Wait, is that Yuna?" Rin looked several times, making sure that she was seeing it for real.

Rin hurriedly walked inside the cabin where the crown prince was talking with his men and discussing important matters for the battle.

"I am sorry but this is very urgent. I just saw my friend, no my sister on Akasha's flagship beside the king. I need you to transfer me to that ship immediately." Rin said without pausing as her eyes were tearing. It was her tears of joy because for a long time her hunch that Yuna was also alive came true.

The crown prince frowned, "do I need to remind you that we are in the middle of a battle? It won't be safe to send you there."

"I can handle myself, I have powers. If you won't send me there right now, I will swim there on my own!" Rin scowled at him as she walked out of the cabin. This was the first time she acted like this.

The crown prince sighed and looked at his men and said, "Go and arrange the transfer. I will go with her to board the Akasha flagship."


Therion's eyes narrowed as he saw Hedus' fla

nd instead transfer the shadows to immobilize any naval movements who will try to follow them.

The crown prince and Rin quickly boarded Akasha flagship. They were too late. Bloods were everywhere. Hedus flagship was already too far.

Rin tried her best to release her powers while they were still on the speed boat for transfer but it seems that King Vertud had prepared and given all his energy for the shadow wall he created around Hera.

"Let us save Therion first." She heard the crown prince shouted as he walked towards the Akasha King who seemed to lose a lot of blood and looked lifeless.

Rin quickly moved beside Therion and used her power to stop his bleeding.

"I must get her back…" Rin heard Therion keep on saying those words.

"Don't worry, we will get her back. We will get Yuna at all cost. So you better heal yourself quickly and stop wasting energy with your talking." Rin murmured.

She was not sure but it seems like Yuna was the one they was referring to as the Hedus Princess. She needs to give her all to save the King of Akasha who might know everything about her friend and sister Yuna.

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