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   Chapter 49 Keep You By My Side

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Therion's group already arrived at Southeast Sea borders. The ongoing battle was clearly seen from a distance - Fires, smokes, irregular movements of fleets and dark shadows.

Hera's eyes were opened wide as she looked at the scene from a far. She was not aware of her father's naval fleets. There were too many and she can tell that's it's a head to head battle.

They went at the wharf where fleets were docked, waiting for them to board.

"Shhh, don't tell me you are afraid of water?'' Therion laughed as he calmed Rion who seemed to be taken aback when it saw the ocean and the big ship.

Hera also laughed and said, "Hey, since when did you two become close to each other?"

"Well, are you the only one with charm? Of course he had fallen also to my oozing appeal. Don't you agree?" Therion blinked an eye to Hera and laughed.

Hera just smiled and looked back at the sea. How come they can even smile and laugh at their current situation. Then she looked at Therion who was now busy instructing his men. Will it be the last time she will get to see him? Or just how long she can stay beside him?

Her father was at the other side and she was sure he was well aware already that she will be with Therion by now boarding the King's fl

e had expected this. He already had a plan. This battle was a failure. However, he will seek his opportunity to get back his daughter instead. The only target was the ship of Therion to retrieve Hera back by any means and once it's done the pull-out of all his naval fleets will follow next.

He already reserved his energy for this task. He will make sure to stop all the enemy's movements on their fleeing with his daughter.

With Hera by his side, he will surely conquer Akasha Kingdom through the grounds. It will be easier added with his dead armies and Enuma Kingdom's reinforcements.

He almost succeeded to penetrate the Southeast sea border of Akasha Kingdom if not with the interruption of Thales Kingdom reinforcements.

"Make sure that we get close to the ship of Akasha's King." King Vertud shouted to his men.

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