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   Chapter 48 I Crave For More Of You

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Updated: 2018-12-28 08:27

After days of inclement weather, finally the sun had risen up.

"Rion, it's time to get out of this cage. I bet you are too excited to be freed huh?" Therion said while he fed the beast. She let Hera sleep some more since he knew that the latter was very worn-out due to their frequent activities.

Whenever he gets closer to Hera, he can't help himself to be delightful. He was feeling thirsty for more intimate moments with her. He was building a lot of plans for her already. He was anticipating his future with her, as his Queen.

Rion paused and looked in wonder at the King who was smiling on his own. If it only Rion can talk, the beast's eyes could possibly say the word, "crazy King".

Then Therion laughed when he saw Rion's reaction at him, "Yes you are right. I am crazy, crazy in love with your Princess! You too had fallen to her charm don't you agree?"

His talking with Rion was interrupted by Fang.

"Your majesty, everyone was ready. We're just waiting for your instruction to start with our journey." Fang said. Therion nodded and went back in their room to fetch Hera.

Therion's group went back to the wilderness track. It will take more or less three days to reach the Southeast Sea at this point.

Inside the carriage, Hera was feeling bored alone. Therion was outside as he led his soldiers. She opened the window and called for Rion. She asked Jun to stop the car

get tired of releasing his creepy shadows!" Rin exclaimed as she tried her best to save as many naval fleets as she can. She was very exhausted already with this ongoing war. She can no longer count the days she's been doing the same routine.

She hasn't learned how to create windstorms yet, how she hoped she did so she could just attack those enemies with it or she wanted to learn how to just choke that evil king by sucking the air out of his body.

She was so worked up on other thoughts that two of their own fleets almost bumped to each other because of the air power she was releasing.

"Rin! Concentrate! You are losing grip on it!" she heard the Prince shouted at her back. Rin curled her lips. She wanted to board another ship and preferred not to stay with him. He was so strict that it was suffocating her to the core. 'What a nagger man!' She thought to herself as she started to concentrate more on the battle.

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