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   Chapter 47 Staying With Each Other's Warmth

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Updated: 2018-12-26 07:44

Therion had instructed his Chancellor to get Hera the best outfits from head to toe in the city and various accessories she could choose from. It was like the store had been brought up inside the manor since they can't get out with the bad weather.

"What are these?" Hera blurted out seeing so many things had been brought up inside.

"The King asked for these since you cannot go to choose outside because of the bad storm. He said you can have it all and do all you want." Jun explained. His King's way of courting seemed to be out of place in this kind of weather. He shook his head and leave.

Hera sighed. There were so many accessories and outfits as if she would care to bring those at battle? Did Therion forget that they were headed to the Southeast Sea?

Speaking of the brute, Therion entered the room smiling.

"Do you like it?" He hugged Hera and showered her with his teasing kisses.

Hera frowned and said, "Do you plan to bring that all? Are you forgetting where we are headed? It's a battle Therion and not a gathering."

He just ignored her complaining words and started to kiss her neck while he still held her waist with his arms.

"Hey, are you not listening to me? Stop that." Hera hissed when she felt Therion's hand was starting to caress her sensitive parts.

Therion sighed and said, "If I send you to my castle, will you still run away? I'm considering sending you there instead of going with me to Southeast Sea."

"Are you insane? Of course I will run away. Go and send me now." Hera blurted out with an irritating tone.

She added, "Why would you send me there? What will I do there?

ter to Hera since nothing was concrete yet. Then he continued, "and two more prince from Thales Kingdom under the supervision of Meka." Therion told Hera everything about his teenage days before he became King and his brotherhood with the other who had trained under Meka.

They have been like that for their two more days stay at Rama City. They will talk to each other with their past experiences, happy moments including bad ones. They had enjoyed each other's company staying with each other's warmth inside the room.

Every now and then they will both visit Rion on his cage also so the latter won't get annoyed inside the cage.

"Hey, Rion seemed to like you now." Hera laughed seeing Rion was showering Therion with its kisses. He was all wet because of its saliva.

"Yeah sure he did. Stop it already, I'm stinking now. I'm sure you are doing this on purpose so your Princess with no longer hug me later." Therion scolded Rion as if they understand each other. Rion growled and continue to lick him instead.

Hera continued laughing hard seeing the two played together.

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