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   Chapter 45 Keep Me Warm

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Updated: 2018-12-22 21:51

"What is going on? Why did we stop?" Therion looked outside the carriage and saw the darkening of the sky.

"Your majesty, we need to enter the city. We can't proceed with our journey because of the impending bad weather." Fang said.

Therion sighed deeply. They don't have any choice but to find shelter. However, the beast was with them. It follows Hera wherever she was. It always makes sure that Hera was beyond its sight.

"Let us both ride Rion. If the people saw their King can manage it they will be delighted instead of being frightened." Hera had suggested.

Fang nodded in agreement with the Princess' idea. That way the people will not cause any uproar.

"Okay. We will do as Yuna suggested. Please take the lead." Therion said and made a gesture that she step forward first on the beast.

"What did you call me?" Hera said with a confused look. Therion just shrugged his shoulders as he led Hera down the carriage.

She no longer probed further and walked towards Rion to caress its face and said, "Rion, we will ride to your back, me and the king. Can you please behave while we are on our way inside the city?"

Therion can't still get how Hera managed to tame such a beast and how can it understand Hera because it seemed to nod in agreement to every words and instruction of Hera.

Hera went up to Rion's back. Then when Therion was about to follow Hera, the beast growled.

Yuna laughed then she caressed Rion's back and said, "He needs to ride at you also dear so be kind to him okay? This way the people will not be alarmed to your pr

r a question instead of answering hers, "Did you miss me already?"

Hera ignored his teasing and said plainly, "I just don't like thunderstorms. I can't sleep at the sound."

Therion laughed while he started to undress himself to have a hot bath first since he was exhausted. Hera just watched him from a distance. He had a very lean and masculine body.

'He was so fit and tasty.' Hera thought subconsciously, full of admiration. 'Oh wait what tasty? Is he a food now Hera?' She scolded herself on her naughty thought.

"Can you hurry up?" Hera asked. She wanted to sleep already but the grumbling noise of the thunder was cracking her up. She heard Therion's laughter as he went out of the water.

He was drying himself while he walked to her still naked.

"Aren't you cold? Get dress quickly." Hera said when Therion sat on the bed. He just ignored her and lay down beside her under the blanket.

"It was much better this way besides you're going to keep me warm." Therion whispered as he abruptly moved his body on top of Hera.

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