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   Chapter 44 Ancient Time Mixed With Fantasy

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Updated: 2018-12-21 22:57

The King had instructed Fang early, before dawn, to get a comfortable big carriage for Hera at the nearest City where she can sleep during their travel.

Therion's group continued with their journey to the Southeast Sea as soon as the carriage had arrived.

Fang and Jun exchanged meaningful looks at each other. Jun was reining the horses of the carriage while Fang sat beside him.

None of the two were talking but they can understand each other through glances.

Inside the carriage, Therion was so clingy. Every now and then he will cuddle Hera.

"Can you stop moving too much? I am dead tired and I want some sleep." Hera said in an irritated tone. She barely had a sleep because of Therion.

After the night of his beast side, he will just rest for some time then when she was about to be in a deep sleep, she will be awaken by Therion's lips and hands caressing her body at midnight till dawn.

Therion chuckled and said, "Alright, I will let you rest for an hour." He said then gave her a smack kiss before he left her to join Fang and Jun outside.

"An hour? His got to be kidding me! Aren't he tired at all? Doing that activity all night long?' Hera sighed deeply. Her head was hurting and it seemed to be not working right lately. Her body was also sore and full of hickeys. Therion had left his marked all over her.

It was considerate of him to get her a carriage s

ght, Yuna also lives and probably transported to this world like her. Yuna had a gemstone in her also so she will be fine.

She wasn't sure if Aya and Shay also fell on the cliff but she just hope they don't.

This world was so ancient. There were no beauty products that could take care of her body. She just relay on the natural method and organic herb stuffs prepared for her by the ... she even forgot what they call those people who do the experimentation of herbs and ingredients.

She was like in an ancient time mixed with fantasy sort world because of the magical things they had. Rin released a long sighed. She missed the limelight and the crowd watching her doing her catwalk on the runway, appreciating the beauty before them.

"Mistress Rin, the Prince asked for you." said the soldier who rushed towards her.

"What did I do wrong this time?" Rin murmured as she walked towards the cabin of the Prince.

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