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   Chapter 43 The Night Is Still Young

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Updated: 2018-12-20 08:49

Hera smiled seductively as she walked to Therion.

"You are drunk?" Therion asked as he walked towards Hera. Her smell answered his question already. Hera was still smiling at him while she wrapped her arms around his neck and moved her body closer to his.

"Yes and no. I had a sip only so I am not drunk yet. Did you miss me?" she asked teasingly.

Therion frowned but remained quiet. He saw Hera licked and bit her lips. 'What is she doing?' He thought inwardly as he stared on her red lips. Hera noticed it and said, "You want to kiss me right?"

She was obviously teasing him. She tightened her grip on his neck and reached out to kiss his lips gently. She was moving in a slow motion slightly licking his lips while dampening it with her own lips.

Therion's manhood can no longer breathe underneath. Hera's movement was driving him insane inside. She left his lips and moved to trail kisses on his neck.

Her hands were moving to undress him. Therion whispered, "I've warned you already, the bracelet was upgraded. So don't regret this later on. You still had the chance to stop now or else you'll be eaten out alive."

Hera just ignored his words and continued to strip off his clothes until none were left.

Then, she did the same to herself. She stripped her clothes one by one while Therion just watched without blinking an eye.

Just seeing Hera stripping made him go crazy like a drooling hungry beast ready to eat its prey.

Therion can no longer contain himself and quickly pulled Hera and kissed her hungrily while he walked and led her to their bed.

He gently caressed her body like a fragile glass. Her smooth skin was making his veins hotter. He left her lips to kiss her neck going down to her bosoms and paused to her belly. He can feel Hera's arching body while he heard her little moans.

He went

ace became faster. Hera couldn't control it she was bursting with pleasure while Therion turned her head sideward to kiss her. She was holding his arm tightly as they both reached the sky.

Hera spoke looking at the bracelet she was still wearing. Therion noticed that and sighed deeply.

"I told you it was upgraded. Since the day you offered yourself, you are bounded to be mine. You can no longer escape me unless I will be the one to remove that." Therion explained in distress obviously because Hera was still trying to take the chance of running away.

"Can you remove it now please?" Hera still tried to ask subconsciously.

Therion tightened his hug on her and said, "No! I will only remove that if you will no longer run away from me. Aren't you tired Hera? You can't escape me."

He let go of the hug to turn Hera's body to him. He wanted to see her face and looked closely to her eyes while he said the words, "Just stay by my side. I will be good to you. I will be patient. I will do everything for you."

Hera answered, "But I have.." The words were interrupted because Therion once again sealed her lips.

They both will have a long night ahead with Therion's eagerness to show Hera his beast side.

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