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   Chapter 42 How This Beast Acts At Night

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Therion's group stopped to camp for the night. He can't afford to enter any village or city because the Alpha was with them and it will surely cause uproar and terror to his people. He was not even sure if it will behave well along the way.

He frowned when he saw Hera was caressing the wild beast once more. She was actually talking to it as if they do understand each other.

"I decided to call him Rion. What do you think?" Hera said when Therion walked towards her.

"Did you just name that beast from mine?" Therion asked in awe.

"Yes I did. Why?" Hera said bluntly as she arched an eyebrow at Therion's face. Then she added, "What's the difference, you are also a beast."

Therion frowned and said in a serious tone, "Oh really? Maybe I should demonstrate to you later how this beast acts at night."

Raven just shrugged her shoulders and ignored Therion's teasing. She turned her head to Fang and asked him to assist her on putting a saddle to Rion so she can ride the beast later which was faster once she escaped from Therion later.

Therion will make it easier for her if he will become a beast later at bed. Raven shook her head and thought of how awkward was the situation she got herself in. If she was not that stubborn and just stayed at their Kingdom, none of this will ever happen.

She inhaled and exhaled deeply. She missed the twins especially Shen's jesting and her delightful words to encourage her. Hopefully, they will recover soon.

Then, she shifted her gaze to Therion. She was feeling something weird inside herself. She had noticed that she was becoming attached to him, in the sense that she was hesitating right now if sh

d bargained something big in return to secure the alliance.

He had instructed Jun to have the letter sent to his father.

Jun was about to go out from the tent when Hera entered. She was reeking of alcohol.

"Hey Jun, locked this tent up okay and make sure you tell the others not to disturb us or else they will be beheaded. Your king will show his beast side tonight to this Princess. Understood?" Hera blurted out in a high pitch voice. Her words were even slurring.

Jun's face reddened as he bid his leave of to his king and quickly walked out from the tent.

Outside, he immediately called Fang to relay Hera's words on his ear. Fang frowned and asked, "Did the king approve that?"

"Yes he did, he nodded and signalled me to go out." Jun answered with still blushing face. He can't believed those words will come out from the Princess. Surely alcohol makes people to become more vulgar.

Fang instantly instructed the soldiers to keep a five meter paced distance from the King's tent.

Although confused, the soldiers followed and made sure they won't step in to the five meter distance.

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