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   Chapter 41 The Bracelet Was Upgraded

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Updated: 2018-12-17 22:08

Therion's face can't be painted. The Alpha won't leave Hera's side.

"I want to pet it. What should I name it with? Next time, I will ride with him. I will put a saddle at it." she declared excitedly. She was on a horse with Therion and beside them was the Alpha marching on.

'How come a terrifying beast like it was so clingy?' Therion protested inwardly. It acted like an obedient and protective creature at Hera while a wild beast at him and his men.

'Can you just pet me instead?' Therion wanted to comment at the back of his mind.

They manage to get out from the Dark Forest with the lead of the Alpha. However, they had encountered the Hedus soldiers with General Muru.

"How come that General was so persistent? It's getting annoying, " Therion whispered at Hera's ear. She felt he nibbled on her ear and tightened his grip on her waist.

Therion added in a husky voice, "Shoo him away or I will punish you later on."

Hera raised an eyebrow as she turned her head to face him. Their faces were just half an inch distance to each other. "Oh how I would love to be punished by you your highness!" Hera said sarcastically.

Therion grinned wickedly then he supported the back of her head with his hand to kiss her passionately. Hera tried to escape from his sudden kissing and she did. But Therion was still holding her nape and said in a hoarse voice, "As I've told you before the bracelets were upgraded. Remember that."

He gave her a quick peck kiss on the lips before he let her go and winked.

'What's with the upgraded thing? Don't tell me I won't be able to get rid of this bracelet even if we do that thing once more?' She suddenly thought. Those words left her curious. There

ales Kingdom not to mention that he was having a one on one battle with the clumsy Guardian of Air!

If only Hera was here, he could use a hand of her power since it's already activated. He can teach her how to use it on a quick span of time.

"Send all our dead soldiers to the campsite grounds. I will lead the attack there later on!"King Vertud instructed.

All cages for the dead soldiers were painted by his blood so they were safe to be with inside the campsite as long as they will not be unleashed without him. He was so disappointed with Muru. How can he trust him with Hera if he can't even succeed on the simple task of keeping her at his side?

King Therion was headed here to face him. He will wait for the arrogant King here to retrieve and get back his daughter then pulled back.

If he won't be able to win the battle at sea, he will give his all at the battlefield ground. He was expecting reinforcements from Enuma Kingdom and the arrival of his dead armies.

'Let us see how your borderlands will fall and how I will penetrate your Kingdom.' King Vertud thought at the back of his mind with full confidence.

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