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   Chapter 39 Dark Forest (5) - Good Night My Love

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Updated: 2018-12-14 09:07

"Yeah, that hungry man-eating monster might be here to eat you alive!"

Hearing Therion's words just made her realize how close his face on hers. Then she felt his hand holding her nape.

"I want to eat you!" he whispered in a hoarse voice as he bit her lower lip and suck it then gently pulled it.

"Arghh! You bit me?" Hera growled.

However, his action made Hera quiver.

'What's up with him doing this at their current situation?' She thought to herself.

"This is not the time to show that pervert mode of yours!" she exclaimed to dismiss the effect he had brought on her body. She tried to get away from her position but Therion encircled his arm on her waist making her unable to move.

Then she felt his lips were pressing on hers this time while he still held her nape. The tip of his tongue was sliding inside her mouth.

"Uhmm Therion, wha..t if the wo..lves…" she was trying talk between his kisses.

But Therion did not stop but rather moved his hand from her nape down to her back then bosom. It was like he was searching every parts of her upper body.

"Urghh the howling sounds were almost near. Shouldn't we at least check on Thunder?" Hera murmured on his ear when Therion left her lips to kiss her neck and collarbone.

Therion suddenly paused.

'Damn those wolves!' He thought while cursing those creatures

ou can lie down. It's uncomfortable to sleep like that." Therion said. Although at the back of his mind he was feeling blissful once more with Hera's leaning on his shoulder.

"Shhh just keep quiet and watch if they will come back or not." He heard her spoke in a soft voice then she yawned.

After an hour had passed, the wolves never came back.

"Hera..." Therion whispered checking if she was already asleep on his shoulder.

'How can she fall asleep like this?' He thought to himself.

He gently moved to position her on the bed and then he lay down beside her. He felt Hera's arm hugged him while her body moved closer.

He can feel her breathing on his neck. He turned his head to kiss her forehead. The beating of his heart was so irregular in rhythm right now.

He will have a long night ahead. Therion sighed…

"Good night my love..." He murmured before closing his eyes.

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