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   Chapter 38 Dark Forest (4) - Kill With Torture

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Updated: 2018-12-13 10:19

Therion can't hide the reddening of his face so he quickly went back to prepare their dinner instead. He looked so embarrass hearing Hera's straightforwardness.

'Kill with pleasure or kill with torture?' Therion thought as he shook his head and proceed to roast the meat. He wanted to anticipate the pleasure but it seems the word torture simply can't be avoided.

He wanted Hera to submit herself to him because she was willing to at her own accord and not just because she was obliged to do so or just because she had a motive or plans against him. That was without doubt torture for him.

Therion sighed. Will he have a long way to go? Howsoever, he was willing to keep on going.

The meat smells so good and Hera immediately sat beside Therion to take a piece of it.

'She ate like a glutton.' Therion wanted to tell her but he remained still and just watched her eat like there's no more tomorrow.

Hera looked back at him when she noticed that he was staring at her. She raised her arm to give him a piece of meat she had blown since it was still hot.

"Ahhh… open your mouth, " she said followed by a signal. Therion obeyed and took it.

Hera has been feeding him like a baby and Therion did not decline to it. He can't help the jumping of his blissful heart right that moment on the small gesture and attention he was getting from her. How he wish they just stayed like that forever.

'Maybe I should just build a house in here and stay together.' He thought dreamingly.

"It will be even better if we have at least an alcohol with us." He

r own.

What if those wolves in pack attack them? They do not have enough weapons. Will the two of them stood a chance? She had also heard that wolves living in the wild forest were not that simple and much aggressive and bigger compared to an ordinary one.

"I think we should get ready just in case. What if those animals attack us here?" Hera said in a low voice. She doesn't dream of being eaten alive.

Because it was dark, she did not notice that her face was just an inch away from Therion while she spoke the words.

Then, another howling was heard and this time it was louder and longer. Hera was so startled that she jumped on Therion's lap and clung to his neck. She was hugging him tightly on his neck while she was sitting on his lap.

"That was definitely not just a wolf! What if it's a hungry man-eating monster or much more?" Hera murmured in terror and Therion could feel her hot breathe on his lips.

He gulped then said in a hoarse voice, "Yeah, that hungry man-eating monster might be here to eat you alive!"

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