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   Chapter 37 Dark Forest (3) - Kill You With Pleasure

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Updated: 2018-12-12 11:51

'What is wrong with him?' Hera thought to herself while she looked at Therion. He was so quiet for some time now and totally ignoring her.

'After pleasing that brute, my hand was almost numb right now and this is what I got?' Hera wanted to hit Therion's head that moment.

Since she can now move more comfortably, she decided to just hunt. She would love to eat meat right now because she felt like she will grow gills on her body sooner or later now if she continues to eat more aquatic food.

While Therion was busy tending to his horse, Hera sneaked out for the bow and arrow.

'Oh crap!' She thought seeing the binding bracelet on her wrist. She almost forgot that she cannot leave without Therion's approval because of the bracelet. Her shoulders dropped at that thought.

Hera sighed before she walked towards Therion and spoke, "Uhmm, I would like to hunt. I believe I can manage to do that now. Can you let me go? I won't go that far."

Therion did not respond. Hera inhaled and exhaled deeply. "Do we have a problem here? You have been like that after what happened this morning. Did I make a mistake on your request back then?" she asked naively.

Therion turned around to face her.

"I will hunt. Just follow me and avoid making any noise." He said with his unreadable face. Hera's lips curled when Therion took away from her the bow and arrow.

Therion was still mad. He hated the feeling that Hera was doing things to please him just because she was indebted to him.

Yes he was pleased and satisfied with her assistance before but he was also upset with her words. 'Can't she at least lessen her candidness?' How he wanted to voice his thought out loud.

"I did not hunt for meat before

his men and Aya bargained for it so she can be exempted with the corresponding punishment.

However, she did not give enough attention with the details on how she did it. She just remembered that she had to protect the twins but she can't recall how things exactly happened. She was just at heavy rage that time that she wanted to kill everyone standing her way.

"What did you feel or think before the fire came out of your hands?" Therion asked her with curiosity.

Hera looked up as if she was sorting how did it began.

"Ahh right I was too excited to eat the meat so I keep thinking about how to make fire faster while spinning the wood." She blurted out.

Then Hera smiled wickedly and added, "I am also thinking on how I could kill you with pleasure to pay my debt since you seemed not satisfy at all on my service this morning."

She smirked seeing how deep red Therion's face was right now.

There's no need to protect her body from him since she was no longer chaste…

So she had decided to please Therion more now since it's her only chance to escape later. 'There's no point for timidity now!' She thought ironically.

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