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   Chapter 36 Dark Forest (2) - For My Eyes Only

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Updated: 2018-12-11 11:19

Hera's eyes shimmers seeing the clear river before her. Then she frowned when she saw many visible fishes swam in the clear water.

'No wonder I am always eating fish every meals for days now.' She thought to herself and she began to underestimate Therion's competency since it's the easiest to catch she bet.

'I will let you eat a luscious meat later.' She had thought smiling wickedly on her plan to hunt for meat later. She will definitely show him how it's done.

She washed her stinking hair first and face. She checked her wound and it looked completely healed now.

She scanned the area to make sure that no one was around before she started to take off her clothes and quickly hide herself at the big rock where the water was above her chest deep.

How come Therion always held her when she stinks like this? Even her own nose was irritated with the blood smell.

She started to rub her body from head to toe. It felt so good to be washed out after days with stained blood.

Afterwards, she went back at the shallow part but she suddenly heard some noise. She moved to look at it but an arm suddenly encircled her waist pulling her body and pinning it at the big rock.

It was Therion, who was also naked before her so she had to close her eyes while her face was flushing.

"Do you want anyone to see your naked body? I won't allow that. These are for my eyes only." Therion said scanning her body parts from head to toe.

Hearing his remarks, Hera quickly opened her eyes and covered her

it and grasped it.

She heard Therion moaned and he began to kiss her passionately as her hand was still holding his rod.

She continued on moving her hand up and down while she looked intently at him. She liked it, seeing Therion's face full of pleasure so she sped up her hand's movements.

"Ahh, , ahh, , ahh" She heard his soft moans so she rubbed more faster until a liquid suddenly burst out from it.

Therion was breathing hard and buried his face on her neck while he embraced her. When his breathing became calmer he cupped her face and smiled.

"Good girl." He said lovingly before he kissed her lightly on her lips.

"That was nothing. Can we call it even now for taking care of me when I'm wounded?" Hera asked subconsciously. She was not comfortable to be in debt to others.

Therion's face suddenly darkened and said, "That was not enough."

Then he totally disappeared at her sight.

'What's with the sudden change of mood? Did I say something wrong?' Hera thought inwardly.

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