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   Chapter 35 Dark Forest (1)

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Updated: 2018-12-10 15:10

At first daylight, Therion went out to check his horse. He just noticed that his horse had a wound on its upper limb. Thunder was down and sick.

"You did great Thunder. Thank you." He murmured while he was stroking its body. The thought that Thunder must have suffered so much to run as fast as he can, with that wound made him sad.

He quickly looked around for herbs to tend at it. He also sought for food and gathered woods.

When he returned, Hera was still unconscious.

He touched her forehead. Her fever was gone already but her wound was still not completely healed although it was not bleeding anymore. He hated it, seeing a cut on Hera's delicate and flawless skin.

He can't help but stole a peck kiss on her lips while she was still unconscious.

'Maybe she was right that I am a pervert.' He told himself seeing the impact of Hera on him even on this kind of situation. He shook his head at his own thought.

Good thing that the hut was with complete utensils so he was able to cook for Hera. A minute later he heard Hera groaned so he tried to wake her up.

"Hera. Hera, wake up, " he murmured gently patting her shoulder. He saw her frowned. He rose up to get a damped cloth when Hera suddenly pulled his arm.

Therion was so happy that he immediately cuddled Hera. Smelling his familiar scent, Hera buried her face to his chest and moved her body closer to his.

He felt Hera's breathing became calmer and relax. He gently caressed her forehead up to her head. He was also placing little kisses on it. He just loved Hera's scent from the beginning. Therion in no time also drowse off.

Hera woke up feeling something was on her nape and she saw an arm wrapped below her breast. She turned her head sideward and saw Therion's face.

'He w

will do." Therion asked her seeing her clothes with stained blood.

Therion smiled again teasingly and this time Hera frowned and asked him, "Is there anything funny? You kept on grinning like a crazy person."

"It's just good to see how obedient you are these past few days. So, I am also considering staying here much longer if not only for safety reasons." Therion winked at her this time. Hera pursed her lips and leered at him before turning her back at him and heading towards the hut.

"Would you like me to join you later?" she heard Therion was teasing her.

But she did not bother to turn around and just shouted slowly, "PERVERT!"

She heard Therion's loud laugh. Hera on the other hand also smiled.


Meanwhile both Akasha and Hedus soldiers were in angst and still in search for their King and their Princess inside the Dark Forest.

Muru together with his men were having difficulties with the search. It was confirmed that Therion had entered the Dark Forest with Hera according to their tracker. They do not know where to begin the search since the area was like a wide maze inside a forest. They always seemed to come back to where they started.

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