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   Chapter 34 I Won’t Leave You

Gemstone: The Burning Game of Love By Eustoma Characters: 5639

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Therion suddenly stopped the horse seeing a cliff. They were cornered by Muru's group at this moment.

"Give us back our Princess or else you will regret abducting her." Muru exclaimed.

Therion just laughed and said, "What will you do? Bringing those bunches of dead soldiers of yours? Is your Kingdom so desperate raising dead armies now just to propagate in number for battle?"

He was definitely mocking Muru, his father and their whole Kingdom. Hera thought inwardly. She can't even oppose his words because she herself did not expect something like this at all.

Hera sighed deeply. This scene was giving her more headaches. She doesn't want to cause any more commotion between two parties or anymore blood fighting just because of her.

"There's no more way to run. Just let me go back." Hera said before jumping out of the horse and moved forward to Muru who was also walking towards her and grabbed her arm. Therion quickly followed snatching Hera's other arm and pulling her abruptly to his side.

Muru raised his other arm to punch Therion but the king dodged avoiding Muru's attack. The two had a fight with each other.

Meanwhile, more Akasha soldiers came to rescue their king and currently fighting the dead soldiers under the dark force from the back.

Hera was about to stop the fight between Therion and Muru when the sudden kick of Therion hit Muru causing his necklace to fall at the cliff. Muru tried to catch it but was too late. The vial broke and the blood inside was washed by the sea.

"No!" Muru yelled in terror then he looked at the dead soldiers who had smelled other soldier's blood. They moved in a quicker pace and continuously slaughtered e

. He was not familiar with this side of his Kingdom.

Then after a while of roaming around he found a vacant small hut which was probably used by hunters. He carefully laid Hera down on the wooden bed and quickly checked her wounds.

"You lost a lot of blood." He murmured while he stripped half of her clothes showing her bare belly and sides.

He cleansed it and he can see that it was not closing on its own. As the guardian of fire element she should be capable on healing herself up.

'Or is it because she was not yet aware of her own powers and can't handle it yet?' He thought helplessly.

He took out the pouch from his armor and put a small ball of medicine to Hera's mouth. He always carried this kind of medicine that helps cure wounds and fight infections.

Hera was feverish when he touched her forehead. Her sweats were visible on her face.

Then she started to sob. "Please don't leave! Please… Ma…. Why?" Therion heard her said in panting between her sobbing.

"Shhhh, it's just another nightmare. Shhh. I am here and I won't leave you." Therion said while he was stroking her head and hair.

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