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   Chapter 33 Difference Between A Pervert And A Lover

Gemstone: The Burning Game of Love By Eustoma Characters: 5648

Updated: 2018-12-05 23:03

Therion's group continued their journey ahead and had moved out to Nanji City. They chose the trail to the wilderness because their parade of soldiers in battle gears may cause a disturbance to his people.

He stayed inside the carriage with Hera and handed something to her.

"Here take this. The girl from the Shadow Place wanted you to have this. She said this thing was yours to begin with and it might help you remember." Hera took it then put the thing at her vacant wrist in an instant.

"How did you know that the thing was for your wrist and how to lock it?" asked Therion. That was an unfamiliar thing to his eyes.

Hera answered him with just a shrugged on her shoulders then went back to her expressionless face.

Therion can't take it any longer. Hera was ignoring him like this since they left Nanji City.

Meanwhile, Hera was busy thinking why would Therion still bother to abduct her from Hedus campsite. 'Does he really like me? But what if I'm really the daughter of my father? What if I am not?' She asked herself at the back of her mind.

There's so many what if's clouding at her head right now. But she must admit that she liked the feeling of Therion close to her.

Then she looked at her wrist with the spiral bracelet on. She passed out when he kissed her. She wondered why she had passed out. She was sure it was not the bracelet because Therion did not put it to her that time and besides there's no electric feeling at all unlike before.

"You are probably thinking why you passed out, " said Therion seeing Hera was looking at the spiral bracelet. "Well, you are not the only one who can use a potion here."

Yes, he used the sleeping potion wi

h black eyes.

Hera was also terrified with what she was seeing. Those men were their soldiers wearing their armor. But those soldiers were clearly soulless. It's like there's a spiritual dark force that commanding each body.

She then saw Muru heading towards them ordering the soulless soldiers, "bring back the Princess and make sure she wasn't hurt!"

She heard Therion spoke, "Seems like your Kingdom are raising dead armies now." Then he reined his horse to run as fast as it can.

"They just want me. Spare your men and let me go back to Muru." Hera pleaded. She doesn't want any blood shedding just because of her.

"No! You will stay with me whatever happens! Those dead soldiers of your kingdom will spare no one even if I return you to them. Those eyes were the eyes of blood lusting demons!"

Therion gritted his teeth while he reined the horse to run faster. It had reached him already that King Vertud were raising an army with dead bodies. At first, they don't think it will be possible but seeing those soldiers confirmed it all. The evil king had used the power of aether element on the dark side.

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