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   Chapter 32 We Are Bound To Be Together

Gemstone: The Burning Game of Love By Eustoma Characters: 5769

Updated: 2018-12-04 20:59

Hera found herself inside a carriage when she woke up. She can hear the movements of the horses. She opened the side window and saw Therion on a horse greeting her with a broad smile.

"You're finally awake my Princess. Trust you've rested well because we will have a long journey ahead." He said happily then blinked his left eye at her.

Hera just glared at him and quickly closed back the window. She had sighed deeply and slapped her face.

'Ouch! That hurts.' She thought to herself. This was no longer a dream then. She raised her hand to massage her temple but was shocked instead on what she saw.

"THIS AGAIN?" she had exclaimed in a loud voice. Her eyes were so wide and her face was burning red of irritation.

She can hear Therion's laugh at her side. She opened the window of the carriage once more and looked at him with a deadly stare.

Then she spoke in a mocking tone, "how come the King of Akasha Kingdom was a pervert?"

Therion's face became serious and he signalled his men to halt.

He went inside the carriage and said in a soft voice, "Maybe I should demonstrate to you the difference between a pervert and a lover?"

Hera was ready to drop another horrendous word when Therion suddenly pulled her to his embrace and gently kissed her on her lips. She firmly closed her lips feeling his tongue was trying to slip inside.

Then at the second thought, she suddenly put her arms to his neck and slightly opened her mouth to receive him. She was very responsive this time.

Knowing what was on Hera's mind Therion pulled himself from the kiss and chuckled. He leaned closer to her neck to snoop her scent then he shook his head.

"We really need to stop sooner at the nearest town to bat

was sure that it was Therion's doing. The last report he sent to the King was that Hera was abducted by the shadow group and her power was already awakened. He was about to sent the good news this morning regarding Hera's retrieval but he had found out Hera was not in her chamber.

Another horses came, this time it was the messenger from their King, "General, the King instructed to give you this. He said, with this you can command his special soldiers. His order was to bring back his daughter at any cost."

Muru looked at the necklace in his hand. The pendant was a small vial with blood inside. He was presuming this was the King's blood. Muru sighed deeply and wore the necklace then called for General Bai.

"Show me the King's special soldiers?" Muru asked General Bai. The latter lead the way to the kept area of the campsite which was isolated to other quarters. The special soldiers were in cages. They were lifeless soldiers with spiritual forces inside their bodies.

The moment Muru got closer, the special soldiers suddenly moved. Their eyes were all black. Seeing Muru's necklace they all got on their knees and bowed down.

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