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   Chapter 30 Shadow Place (3) - This Is Technology

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Hera inhaled deeply and turned her head to Aya, "I am sorry but I really don't remember anything right now. I have to get out of this place." She pulled her hand out from her grip.

"Where is my backpack? Give it back to me! I need to show her the pictures!" Aya was hysterical as she shouted at the Shadow King.

The Shadow King looked at Aya and spoke, "Okay I will let you show her what you need to then after that I will seize that bag again from you." The Shadow King signaled the servant to get the bag and give it to Aya.

Aya hurriedly open it and got her mobile phone. She quickly walked towards Hera and handed her the mobile phone.

"Go on and look for yourself. I'm sure you lost your memory but not your basic knowledge on things." Aya was looking intently at Raven. This was like what she had watched from movies. People who lost their memories do not include other things like language, writing or how to use gadgets like mobile phones.

She and Yuna have the same unit of mobile phone. It only differs in color so she was confident Yuna will know how to operate it.

"Look at the gallery and pictures." Aya continued when she noticed Yuna pressed the switch on button.

Hera's eyes widened while she scrolled on the phone and was looking at the images. It was clearly her face wearing different clothing. The thing that shocked her most was how come she knew how to use the thing in her hand like it was something she's been doing before.

"Please do not confuse our Princess and do not use tricks or magics on her!" Muru exclaimed angrily while Therion just focused on staring at Hera who looked very stunning on the dress she was wearing.

He wanted to wrap her up so the others won't see her bare skin.

Aya got the phone on Hera's hand and showed the pictures in full screen to Muru and Therion.

"See that? It was not a magic or tricks. It was her picture with us on our world. This is technology and called a mobile phone okay? See this and that? Now tell me does she look like someone else? She's definitely my friend Yuna."

"Stop that and don't show anymore, " said Yuna whose face suddenly reddened. Aya's eyebrows creased at the sight of the two men drooling at her mobile phone right now. It was Yuna's solo photo in two piece bikini during their beach party last summer.

She abruptly got back the mobile phone and turned her gaze to Yuna ignoring the two perverts.

"Do you believe me now? Please just stay here with me and we will sort things out together." Aya was begging Yuna with her eyes.

Hera inhaled and exhaled deeply before speaking, "I really need to go. I don't remember anything of what you are insisting right now. I need to check on some things about myself on my own so please understand. I cannot stay here."

Aya's knees trembled and she fell down. The Shadow King was fast and caught her. Aya looked pale and out of herself when the Shadow King had carried her out.

"You all stay here and I will be back." The Shadow King left them well guarded.

Hera walked towards Muru. She can feel Therion's dim gazed at her but ignored him. After what had happened between them she can't even look at him for a second.

"Shan and Shen are still in the infirmary. We need to get them also." Hera

said while she stayed beside Muru instead hiding herself from Therion's deadly stares.

Muru nodded. The Shadow King already returned and had taken off his mask this time. He instructed the guard to release Therion from his bind.

"How are you brother?" His beautiful smile flashed at Therion then hugged him like a long lost brother.

Hera and Muru: "……………?"

"Armis already told me about you so I was confused awhile ago. Why are you wearing a mask?" Therion asked out of curiosity.

Galen laughed, "It was a long story. Anyway, you said the Princess was your woman but why do I feel like she was not?"

He looked at Hera who stands beside Muru and shifted his eyes to Therion's gloomy face. Galen was teasing his friend that moment.

"Yes, she was already mine and she knew that." Therion declared full of confidence.

Hera was cursing Therion at the back of her mind and hopes that he just kept his mouth shut at that moment. She chose to remain silent and slightly bow her head down to hide her face from Muru.

Galen looked at Hera and said, "You are free to go Princess to whomever you will choose to go. My initial plan is to detain you while I decide on how you will be punished for killing most of my men but the girl before had insisted that I spare you."

"I am the Princess of Hedus so I will definitely go with my own people. I would like to bring my brother and sister with me." Hera said directly to the Shadow King still ignoring Therion's dark gazed.

"You are probably aware on my rules at my place. So, I won't be able to help you this time brother." Galen said to Therion. The latter nodded as a sign of understanding.

"They are still in the infirmary and not yet fit to travel. My place is open for you to stay here while you wait for them to heal enough for travel. Or if you choose to leave them to recover further then you have my word that I will release them once they can handle their own body." Galen explained to Hera.

"We cannot stay much longer. I suggest that we leave them here to recover first. We must go, your father was worried enough Princess." Muru looked at Hera with his usual subtle face.

Hera sighed and answered Muru, "Okay, let's go!"

Hera added looking at the Shadow King, "I will trust your words. Please also tell the girl Aya that I am grateful for what she had done."

The Shadow King just nodded and signaled the guards, "My apology for the inconvenience but we must keep this place unknown to others." The Shadow King explained when one of the guards tied Hera's hand and the other guard had put the black cover on their heads.

After the guards left to guide the two for heading out from Shadow Place, Galen laughed very loudly. His voice echoed at the Great Hall.

"So that's just it? You will just stand there with that sinister face? How come the great Therion had lost like that?" Galen stated on a mocking tone while he shook his head.

Therion glared at him and spoke, "I will absolutely get her back. Why don't we catch up those lost years and tell me what happened to you instead?"

He changed the subject because at the back of his mind he was certain that he can bring Hera back beside him. She was his woman and he plan to make it stay that way by any means.

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