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   Chapter 29 Shadow Place (2) You Abducted My Woman

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Updated: 2018-11-29 11:51

Yuna went out of the room and was surprised that she was not even guarded at all.

'What is this place?' She thought as she scanned the area. The atmosphere was eerie. She was startled by the sudden arms that tried to clasp at her arm.

Her basic instinct of defense took over and she automatically avoided and struck the intruder with her hand but it was blocked.

"Wow! You're still good with your martial arts." Aya spoke while smiling at her.

Among them four, Yuna was the sporty person and loved to study various self defense during school breaks.

"You are not bad yourself." Hera commented looking expressionless at Aya.

"Of course, I trained for almost a year at Enuma Kingdom. I have powers also you know. Remember the gemstone the old lady gave us?" Aya explained but paused and hit her forehead.

"Oh I forgot that you don't remember anything at all!" She said then moved closer to Hera.

"Anyway, once I succeed with my mission here, we will definitely go back to our world." Aya whispered at Hera's ear then winked.

She guided her towards the main corridor. Aya laughed seeing Yuna's crumpled expression.

"This place was creepy right? That's what I first thought also. It was actually an underground city in a hidden forest. I'm actually not sure either if it was under a hill or a forest but something like that." Aya explained as she toured her around.

Hera can't hide her admiration seeing the view outside. There were mini houses. There's also hole's with waters on the sides.

"Amazing right? It was actually a natural water can you believe? The people here drink on that. This place was only exclusive for the Shadow group members and that castle where we cam

to us!"

Aya chuckled while she whispered at Hera's ear, "Hey, looks like the two are fighting over you. Who is it then? The one you like or did you fall in love already?"

Aya was so curious because she knew how Yuna despised men. She concluded that she probably forgot her trauma before that was why she was not a man-hater any longer now.

Meanwhile, the Shadow King shook his head hearing Aya's nonsense questioning to the Princess. He then looked at Aya and said, "Go back to your chamber now!"

"No! Don't tell me you will let Yuna go to any one of them? I've clearly told you that she was my friend. She just lost her memory and can't remember me right now. She also came from my world!" Aya blurted out with teary eyes. She held Hera's hand tightly.

"I will not let anyone separate us. I will definitely find a way so we can return to our world. We had the best doctors there so you can have your memory back soon." Aya was panicking at that thought of taking Yuna away from her.

The Shadow King sighed deeply before he looked at Hera, "I will let you choose then Princess if you would want to stay here or not."

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