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   Chapter 28 Shadow Place

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Hera woke up in an unfamiliar chamber.

'What's with my outfit?' She thought looking at her different clothing but somehow it seemed familiar to her.

She felt like she had worn something like this before.

She stood up and frowned because it showed her legs but the clothing really looked good on her. It was a red fitting dress just perfect with her body.

A woman with basin of water entered but dropped it when she saw her standing.

"Yuna you are finally awake!" the woman ran to her and hugged her so tight. The woman was crying so hard while she stroked her hair.

Then she looked at her still sobbing, "Thank God you are okay. I thought I won't ever see you again."

"I am getting crazy being an alien at this world. Thank God you are alive!" she was stammering while she talked.

She looked at Hera with wide eyes and continued, "I am sure Rin was also alive and here somewhere along the Four Kingdoms. We must find her."

Hera just stared at the woman blankly. She felt her heart was breaking seeing the woman crying. There was something familiar with her but she cannot explain it.

The woman reached for her forehead and touched it with her palm.

"Are you feeling okay? Your temperature seems normal." The woman creased her forehead waiting for Hera to response.

She finally spoke, "I am sorry, I think you have mistaken me with someone else. My name is Hera."

The woman's eyes widened in disbelief, "Don't you remember me? It's me Aya."

Hera just shook her head as an answer.

"Ohh no! Don't tell me you lost your memory when you were transported to this world? Hit a rock or something?" The woman named Aya asked her stunned.

"How did you know I had lost my memory?" Hera asked with uncertainty.

"You really had amnesia? Hey Yuna don't you dare try to spoof on me. This is not time to be funny and that's definitely not your style!" Aya exclaimed.

Yes this was not funny at all after a year of her experience at this ancient like world!

She was almost dying of joy seeing one of her friend alive after a year of staying with the unfamiliar world. She was like an alien here.

She stared and looked closely at Yuna. She seems not to be joking at all. She can see confusion on her friend's eyes.

But Aya was definitely sure she was Yuna because of the tattoo she saw on her lower left back when she had helped the servant changed her clothes.

The four of them had that same tattoo it's a small flower with four petals connected together like them. The tattoo symbolizes their friendship and sisterhood.

Aya turned around and show her lower back tattoo, "See this? You have the same too at your back right?"

Hera just nodded although still in a disoriented state. She had the same mark at her back but did not even bother to ask her father why

she had it.

"I really don't remember you. I am Hera the Princess of Hedus Kingdom." she simply declared at Aya who still stared at her while rubbing her chin.

"When did you lose your memory and what was the last thing you remember?" Aya asked deliberately.

Hera can't explain but she felt at ease with Aya so she answered all her questions.

"Since last year? That was the same time we had an accident at Zed Mountain was transported to this world. Maybe you encountered some mishaps which caused your amnesia." Aya concluded then suddenly paused remembering something.

"Damn that asshole! He confiscated my backpack! My mobile phone was there. I turned it off to save the battery since its useless here." Aya blurted out.

"Wait I will just get it to that asshole. I will show you our pictures so you'll see for yourself that I am telling the truth."

Aya hurriedly went out of the room but before she left she looked back and smiled at Hera, "You loved your new outfit right? I designed that and had the dressmakers to rush it last night. That's your taste. It's a cool asymmetrical red dress."

She added looking amused, "Too bad they don't have sneakers here but I made some designs for shoes, I just don't know if there's a person here capable enough to make those."

"It looked great on you. How I wish your tennis shoes was here." Then she winked at her before totally disappearing before her sight.

Hera shook her head. That Aya seems to be a cheerful person. She was pretty too and looked really nice on her weird outfit. They were both wearing weird outfits now.

How she hope that she gets to remember everything right now. She was really confused. She no longer knows what and who to believe on.

It's seemed that all she was hearing lately contradicts what her father had told her.

She hated this kind of feeling. She recollected her previous dreams to see if she can recall on something but her head suddenly aches.

Another girl entered this time with a tray of foods. "Mistress Aya asked me to bring you these."

She was about to leave but Hera stopped her.

"Wait, where am I? What is this place? What happened to my brother and sister?" She asked in series.

"You are at The Shadow Place. Your brother and sister are still at the infirmary area. After you finish your food I can bring you to them." The girl answered before leaving the door.

They were captured by the Shadow Group. No wonder their fighting skills were exceptional.

Hera had heard of this group. Her father has been locating their hide out for a long time now to shut them down.

They often sabotaged his father's trades, stealing goods from their officials and caused ruckus at their Kingdom most of the time.

Well, she heard they were causing troubles at Enuma Kingdom also.

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