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   Chapter 27 Nothing Else Matters To Him But Hera Alone

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Updated: 2018-11-27 17:50

Therion was so mad right now. Hera left him unconscious and naked. Although she had covered his body with a blanket to probably make him looked like he was just sleeping.

He clearly remembered what happened. He was so worried because he knew he had injured her with his roughness. He tried to control himself but the potion overpowered him.

He touched his shoulders full with Hera's bite marks. He will definitely make up with her the next time around.

Hera succeeded in the end and left the bracelet on the bed. But he will certainly bring her back at any cost or by any means.

Therion cursed himself for being stupid enough and not to notice anything suspicious at all. He can't believe how she even managed to get a potion like that.

According to his physician, that potion was so rare and very hard to find. Luckily, he was saved from being sterile.

He tried to move once more but half of his body which was the lower part was still paralyzed.

"You highness you have to wait for at least two hours or more. General Rufus and his men will definitely find them." The physician reminded him on the after effect of the potion.

He was becoming impatient as the time was running. It's been an hour now since he woke-up. General Rufus and his men left about six hours ago and there's still no report up to now.

"Why is there no news yet? Send more men right now!" he instructed wearily.

After thirty more minutes, General Rufus came back.

"Your majesty, the Princess was taken away by the Shadow Group. We were unable to get her back. But I have someone to follow them discreetly."

General Rufus reported all the details to Therion. It was also identified that those Caravans were from Enuma Kingdom and were headed towards H

tud and he is not willing to take that risk.

He already recuperated enough and gathered all the generals for their next plans.

Reinforcements will arrive in two more days from their Kingdom and three more days from the Enuma Kingdom.

Right now they were expecting the caravans of weapons and other supplies from Enuma Kingdom.

Their meeting was interrupted by the rushing of the soldier inside the headquarter campsite.

"General Muru, the caravans from Enuma Kingdom was ambushed by the Shadow Group! Princess Hera together with the twins was also taken away by the Shadow's men."

Muru looked at General Bai, "We must act fast. Therion's group will definitely make their move. I will personally lead the retrieval of the Princess."

He must arrive at the Shadow Group's den first to get Hera.

Shan already reported to him that Hera had a way to escape from Therion and had instructed them to just wait for her and do not make any reckless move.

He trusts the Princess so he followed and waited. Based on the report, he had concluded that Hera and the twins were caught up along the way between the fighting of Shadow Group and Enuma soldiers.

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