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   Chapter 26 Wherever You Go, I Will Definitely Find You

Gemstone: The Burning Game of Love By EUSTOMA_reyna Characters: 6616

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Therion's eyes were burning with desires.

Hera's body was so perfectly curved that he can't even blink to miss any part of her when she was undressing herself.

Therion gulped for several times like a hungry wolf ready to attach its prey. He can feel his bulge between his thighs and was getting out of hand.

He was feeling suffocated. He got up to tear out all his remaining clothes.

By the time he removed all his clothing, Hera was just an inch distance from him.

Before he can even react, she began to touch his shoulder with her one hand.

Her touch triggered the potion in his body. He pulled Hera and kissed her lips savagely.

He licked and sucked her lips simultaneously while his hands were exploring her body from her neck and breast.

His one hand moved lower to touch her between the thighs probing on it.

He heard Hera's little moans as if she was suppressing it to be heard.

He moved their body clockwise and abruptly pushed her down to the bed.

Therion spread her legs apart and positioned himself between Hera's legs.

His rod was burning and so hardened ready to plunge at her inside. He took her in a quick thrust.

This was not how he imagined her first night with him. But he can no longer take the burning heat from his body which was tormenting.

He can hear Hera's scream and he clearly saw the pain in her face as he continued to penetrate her small entrance.

He wanted to stop. He doesn't want to hurt her anymore but he cannot control his movements. His body was moving on its own.

As his thrusts continued, Therion managed to murmur at Hera's ear, "I don't want to hurt you like this. Why did you have to sort on things like this?"

"Are you that desperate to run away from me?" He asked in a faltering voice while his movement continued to own her body.

"Remember this. Even if you run away from me, I will always come after you. Wherever you go, I will definitely find you!" Therion snarled as his movements quickened.

Hera's nails scratched his back leaving marks because of the pain she was feeling. She was also biting his shoulder to suppress the sharp stabbing on her inside.

She can almost taste some blood from Therion's shoulder because the deeper thrusts he makes the harder her biting becomes.

Then she raised her wrist with the spiral bracelet on.

'It's working.' She thought as she witnessed that each spirals were fading one by one.

Therion was bursting as his pace continued to accelerate.

In one full and last thrust, he withdrew his entire load inside Hera before he passed out.

At the same time, Hera's bracelet was no longer spiral.

It went back to a simple design like a single bangle which can be easily taken off.


Hera quickly dressed up and ran outside the room.

Shen was already waiting for her.

"Let's go!" she instructed as she hop on the horse.

Hera can feel her swollen body and the pain between her thighs while she rode the horse.

But it did not stop her. She was sure that as soon as they found the King in that state, the soldiers will eventually hunt them down.

Therion will be conscious after six hours at most so they must hurry.

At the border, Shan was already waiting at them. They exit Akasha Kingdom without any problems and continue their jou

rney ahead.

They rode on a different path through the forest lead by Shan to avoid soldiers from Akasha Army campsite.

Unexpectedly, there's a battle going on that was blocking the path they need to pass.

The three of them were ready to reverse their pace to look for another path but the other parties noticed them already.

An arrow was shot to Shan which the latter easily avoided.

It was a group of bandits who were stealing the caravans of goods which were heavily guarded.

"Sis it looks like the caravans are from Enuma Kingdom, " Shan declared seeing the symbols and soldier's armours.

They were not just your ordinary bandits. The Enuma soldiers don't stood a chance seeing how skilled the fighting skills of the bandits.

Most of the soldiers that kept on fighting died while some surrendered knowing how they stand in the battle.

The bandits had cornered Hera and the twins also. Given with Hera's condition right now, she won't be able to fight more and escape with the twins.

Shan was heavily wounded blocking all the blows or harm that may come on Hera from behind.

Hera and Shen were striking the bandits who were blocking them from moving forward for possible escape.

Hera saw Shen at front got hit by an arrow and fell down. She immediately jumped off from her horse to block a strike from one of the bandits which was direct towards to Shen.

She was now in a one on one battle with the bandits. She looked at Shan from behind. The latter can no longer support himself to stand straight because of the blows he was receiving.

Hera was enraged. She felt her blood was boiling.

'No!' She can't afford to lose the twins, her brother and sister.

Without her knowing her body was swallowed by a red flame while she stared at the enemies.

Her eyes were deadly as she approached the bandits who were encircling Shan. Their body were consumed by fire one by one as Hera attacked them.

Hera lifted up with one hand on his neck the bandit who had struck Shan last and in that instant he had turned into ashes.

"Sis." Shan whispered witnessing what had happened before he lost consciousness.

Hera then turned her head to the bandits' attacking Shen. With one strike all their bodies were burning alive and you can only hear their dying screams.

Hera felt her world was tumbling down with her last struck. The last thing she saw was Shen running towards her before she totally closed her eyes and fell down.

"Sisssss!" Shen shouted as she runs towards Hera but was stopped by other bandits and was held down.

She saw a tall well built man approached her Sis as he wrapped his cloak to Hera's naked body.

Shen witnessed it all, how Hera's body was blazing with fire.

"Where are you taking her? Do not touch her!!" She shouted at the man who had carried Hera's body.

The man walked towards Shen and instructed his men, "Bring the other man and attend to all their wounds. I want them alive."

Shen almost lost her tongue seeing how cold hearted the man's gaze and voice.

She had heard that there's a very large group of bandits at Four Kingdoms lead by a young man who was called by the common people as their King in the Shadow.

If she was not mistaken, the man before her now was none other than the legendary Galen.

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