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   Chapter 25 You Will Become Sterile

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Updated: 2018-11-23 08:45

"Are you sure that's even reliable?" Shen blurted out when Hera told her about the potion and her plan.

Hera shrugged her shoulder then spoke, "Well, reliable or not, there's no harm in trying. Beside the risk on him will not happen if he will just go with the flow and do it with me."

Hera took a deep breath and put her elbow on the table while she supported her chin with her open hands.

She pouted her lips and said, "Give me more wine. I need to boost my morale." Then Hera laughed sarcastically.

Shen took the wine and pour more on Hera. It was almost dark.

They sat on the table near the kitchen waiting for Jun while the latter was instructing the servants to prepare the King's dinner.

"Jun, come here and have a drink with us while you wait." Hera said then poured a drink for Jun.

She instructed Jun to sit beside Chu aka Shen and the lad followed.

Hera smiled sweetly at him and winked, "Just one shot will do. Don't worry your King will not notice. This was just a wine with minimal alcohol just the right one for me."

"Okay, just one shot." Jun said while smiling back at Hera. He can't find the courage to refuse the beautiful Princess especially with her inviting smile.

Jun drank all the wine Hera poured for him. After a few seconds he became dizzy and sleepy. He passed out on the table.

"Oh common, look at this lad so weak with just one shot he's been knocked out." Chu commented while laughing loudly.

The wine poured for him was drugged so Jun will be sleeping for a while.

Hera immediately got up and went to the kitchen.

"Is this all for our King?" she asked the servant. The cook nodded.

Hera winked and smiled lovingly at them, "I will be the one to bring this in his room then." Th

d at Hera.

"What did you do?" He asked instead as he quickly rose up to walk out but Hera stopped her and pushed him to his bed instead.

Therion felt hot from the inside as if his whole body was burning up alive.

He can't breathe and torn down his upper clothes instinctively.

Hera began to move and undress herself before his eyes.

Therion's eyes widened as he clench his fist.

"What are you doing stop that!" His voice was loud and firmed.

Hera continued on what she was doing and explained, "The tea had a potion. You will become sterile and the only thing that can stop that is you made love with a maiden you will first lay your eyes on."

"So you need me tonight. Or are you ready to be sterile all your life?" Hera asked in an intimidating tone.

Therion responded harshly, "You! Are you that desperate to run away?"

"Yes I am. Do you really think I will allow you to keep me here and detain me for that long? You have underestimated me then." Hera said in an infuriated tone.

"One more thing, you won't be able to control yourself anymore once you've been touch by me." Hera added before she moved closer to him totally naked.

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