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   Chapter 24 Make sure the cover doesn’t slip from your body

Gemstone: The Burning Game of Love By Eustoma Characters: 5571

Updated: 2018-11-22 14:12

Hera woke up with the grumbling of her stomach. She was too sleepy that she had skipped lunch for a straight nap.

"Princess, I will have your food heat up so you can eat." The servant excused herself to prepare her meal.

After her very late lunch, the servant assisted Hera for a floral bath.

It felt so warm and soothing with the colorful flower petals spilling out of the oversized bathtub.

"What are these flowers?" Hera asked the servant named Ning.

"These were combinations of chamomiles, orchids and sweet jasmine. The King instructed to add rosemary petals for your blood circulation Princess, " the servant answered.

She was helping Hera on rubbing her back.

The steamy water releases fragrance from the petals.

Hera took a few deep breaths, inhaling the light floral scent. As she exhaled, she relaxed herself even further.

"Princess would you like a massage?" The servant offered seeing how Hera was stretching her arms.

Hera did not refused feeling her muscle stiffness, "Yes please. Thanks."

Ning's hands were like an expert while she massages Hera's shoulders from the back up to her neck.

The servant put a small cushion at the back of Hera's neck to support her head so she can relax while she massages her face and her head.

'This feels really good.' She thought to herself before she closed her eyes.

Meanwhile, the servant can't help feeling envious with Hera's skin and beautiful face. No wonder their King can't seemed to take off his eyes from her. Her skin was so smooth and even toned.

Hera dismissed the servant after the massage since she can manage herself from there.

She was still in the tub sor

? Or is it because she's the best bait for war?

She shook her head and slapped her face with both hands to wake herself up.

She abruptly rose-up and went to check her things.

She chose not to ponder much about it because there's more important thing to think about.

Her main focus right now was on how to remove the bracelet from her wrist.

Hera was distracted on Ning's entrance.

Ning smiled at her and said, "I will help you get dressed Princess."

She just nodded. When Ning's already left the room, she went back to search something on her things.

She sighed deeply when she found the small bottle the old lady gave her.

Hera did try her best to solve everything out with her own courage and capabilities.

But right now, she had no more choice but to use this potion even though it's too risky and somewhat considered to be shameful.

True enough with what the old lady had mentioned. Who knew that this bottle will be put to use during this time?

She knew and already confirmed that this will be the only way. This potion was her best chance now.

Time was running out…

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