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   Chapter 23 His Vixen Was Up To Something

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Updated: 2018-11-21 08:05

Therion's expression was dim when he went out of Hera's room.

He called one of his trusted men and instructed him to look into the soldiers who Hera usually talked to or got closer with.

He can sense that his vixen was up to something...


The next morning, Hera immediately looked for Shen. Dark circle under her eyes was so evident.

She can't even take a nap after Therion left the room.

"Shen should I just kill myself like the fiancé of that mage?" Hera sighed in frustration.

How can she face Therion today after what happened last night? She was so ashamed to even look at him.

She thought she would actually succeed last night and be able to flee from his sight forever.

"Sis, don't say that. We came up with so many strategies to try at. So let's just proceed as plan." Shen consoled her.

She knew that her Sis doesn't mean that. She will definitely not kill herself.

Her Sis hated martyrdom stories. She was a fighter. Whatever circumstances come her way, she tried her best to overcome it no matter what.

Shen did predict that her Sis failed last night given that she slept the whole night beside the horse she readied for escape.

Hera stared at Shen and once again spoke, "I'm half naked last night Shen and would you believe that he threw me on the bed before he left?"

"What exactly happened?" She asked anxiously.

She can't believe that the King have so much control within him given with the meat offered on his eyes.

Her Sis was the prettiest and alluring person she had ever met her whole life.

'What kind of a man would even manage to refuse her?' Shen thought subconsciously.

After hearing the whole scenario, Shen now understands.

'Sis, I think you made a wrong move. Just let him takes the lead and don't get easily irritated."

"If he

much anticipating it.



King Vertud finally woke up after he passed out from using all his strength.

He immediately went out to check the situation.

"Report!" He demanded to his Generals.

"WhatjQuery214006398350429280852_1542776143636?" King Vertud was so devastated to found out that Thales naval fleets are now fighting hand in hand with Akasha Kingdom.

"How dare those bastards go against me?" he gasped while gritting his teeth.

"Your highness we have another problem. General Muru also failed to take over at Akasha's land borders and was injured heavily by King Therion at the battlefield.

"So they also failed to retrieve my daughter?" King Vertud was agitated.

His Head General just nodded then added, "But as per your instructions that no matter what happened, we sent an order to not retreat and proceed to retrieve the Princess at any cost."

King Vertud clenched his fist and said, "Send this message to the King of Enuma Kingdom."

"If no reinforcements come to our aid from your Kingdom, your secret will definitely rock the whole Enuma Kingdom and the people. Let us see how long you can keep that throne for yourself!"

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