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   Chapter 22 First Attempt - Plan A, accompany me until I fall asleep

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Updated: 2018-11-19 09:02

Therion postponed their travel and decided to stay at Nanji City for two more nights.

He was concerned about Hera who was probably needed some more time to rest.

Meanwhile, Shen and Hera came up with various strategies. Hera was a skeptical person, always thinking of all possibilities. So the attempts reached up to plan J.

Shen shook her head.

She can't believe that they came up with those ideas thinking that both her and Hera were not yet married or had been into a relationship.

Good thing she had read books about something like that before out of curiosity.

So more or less she had reliable knowledge on it.

First attempt will be tonight. All she had to do was to get ready for the escape on every attempts Hera will make.

'What an absurd bracelets. But I do want one like that.' Shen thought with a silly grin.

Before leaving Hera Shen once again asked, "Sis are you really going to do this? You know how important that kind of thing to us woman. Do you think General Muru will still accept something like this if he found out?"

Hera sighed deeply then nodded.

"Do I have a choice?" she asked wryly.

This was also the reason why the twins chose not to confirm this method to Hera.

They believed that it's better to kill more time out of it and wait until Hera recovers her memories.

After of almost a year of waiting, they were still hopeful that Hera's memories will return.

There were cases like that in their previous investigations, where the patients regain back their memories after a year or more.

"Sis, is there no improvement with your memory. Can't you recall anything at all?" Shen suddenly asked.

Hera's mouth twitched. She too was already frustrated.

Since that day of the incident at the falls, she started to have weird dreams and she told Shen about it.

"That's a good start. Maybe it will come back little by little.

"We should stop now, " Therion murmured.

"No!" she answered firmly and continued with what she was doing.

Therion did not expect this. Although he liked it very much but he felt something was off with Hera's movements.

She seemed desperate to do it and he thought it's something unusual given with her personality and past behaviour towards him.

He held both her shoulders and pushed her little bit to stop her kissing. But Hera immediately touched his face with her both hands as she tried to kiss him once more.

"What are you doing?" Therion asked again suspiciously.

Hera ignored him and just focussed on kissing him again.

The scene now was so awkward.

Hera was pulling Therion's head while the other one was pushing her shoulders controlling her movement to reach Therion's lips.

Hera got irritated, "What is wrong with you, isn't this what you wanted? Let's do this now!"

Hearing Hera's words with annoyance, Therion suddenly get-up and throw her on the bed.

"Drink your medicine and rest. I'll have a servant accompany you tonight. She will call me if anything happens or should you have a nightmare." Therion spoke on a cold tone and did not even bother to look back at her before leaving.

Hera was so dumbfounded!

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