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   Chapter 21 Binding Bracelets History - He's just a hoax for sure!

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Updated: 2018-11-18 18:28

Hera rushed outside her room to confront Shen.

She was definitely sure that the twins intentionally did not confirm that method to her.

"Where's Chu?" She asked Jun in an angry tone.

Shen was about to go to Hera's room to bring her the medicine when she saw Hera's deadly aura while talking to Jun and heard her asking where she was.

She hurriedly moved backwards and was ready to hide when Hera's eyes suddenly caught her.

Hera immediately grabbed her to a corner.

"You... you... How long did you plan to prolong our situation?" Hera was grinding her teeth out of irritation.

Shen can hear her deep breathing. This meant she was suppressing her anger.

"Do you like that Therion so much that you even hide important things like this on me? I've clearly mentioned that I need to get out of here and go back to father and clarify my confusions!!!"

Shen don't know what to say so she only bowed her head.

"I am sorry Sis, I just thought you'll enjoy the stay here soon enough and forget the revenge thing which was still unclear up to now whether you are taking that up on the correct person."

Shen continued, "Besides that method is very compromising."

Although Shen was hesitating but still she added, "I hate to say this Sis but how can you clarify your doubts just by asking your father who for sure will justify the same story again and again."

Hera understands what Shen meant.

She answered Shen while thinking, "there must be something out there..."

"I can also request Muru to help us check and confirm things. He for sure has access to everthing about the palace and knew people who could help."

Hera continued and narrowed her eyes as she was looking at Shen, "Do you expect me to just stay here and do nothing?"

Thinking back, Hera did not bother to investigate the matter before because her f

hing her Sis will take seriously.

She only found out now how her Sis hated being lied to.

"I promise Sis not to lie to you ever again. This will be the first and last. Please don't get angry anymore." Shen looked at her with pleading eyes.

Hera just nodded, "Okay."

"Sis, how did you know that we intentionally did not confirm that method to you?" Shen has been itching to ask Hera that question from the start.

Hera raised an eyebrow, "How will I know? It was only a hunch of course. I just used the anger look tactic in confronting you."

Then she continued now laughing, "You took the bait and confessed immediately."

Shen: "....?"

"Now, compensate for your wrongdoings! You should help me plan on the next steps."

Shen: cough* cough* cough*

"Oh one more thing, how did you confirmed that method was really the solution? Did Therion mention that to you?" Shen asked out of curiosity.

She will be disappointed if King Therion did mention that to her Sis. That will be degrading and will just make him a pervert.

She does look highly on King Therion and was deliberately rooting for him to her Sis.

"No, he did not mention it. But his actions did confirm it." Hera answered in a serious tone.

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