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   Chapter 20 Let us see how long you can control yourself from me

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Hera was astonished as they entered the border of Akasha Kingdom.

'How the hell will her father destroy something like this?'

The border walls were purely made of tall concretes and heavily guarded.

They had a stopped over at Nanji, one of the City at Akasha Kingdom. People who saw their parade paused and bowed down to pay respect to their King.

The people were busy at this time because of the Festival of the Dead. She almost forgot about it.

Hera's eyes saddened at the thought of her mother.

'I am sorry mother. I failed you.' She murmured heavily.

"Would you like to stroll for a while?" She heard Therion asked her when he looked out at her from behind.

"Just don't walk too far. I'll have my men to escort you." Therion reminded her.

Hera understood and then she asked him. "Can Chu also accompany me?"

Therion just nodded and signaled Chu to go with Hera. He needs to stop by at the Nanji head quarter to meet his Chancellor to discuss something and leave an instruction.

Other soldiers maintained their distance with Hera while she dragged Shen a.k.a Chu besides her.

"Do you have money with you? Let's buy something. I want to get drunk. I feel hopeless." Hera murmured.

Shen made a deep sighed and let Hera dragged her to each shops.

"Come In. Oh young pretty lady, I have here different liquors. What would you like?" The Old Lady with one cloudy white eye smiled at Hera.

She instructed Shen to get three bottles of liquors from the old lady.

Still looking around inside the shop, Hera's attention was got caught by a particular small bottle in the display.

"That one young lady is not liquor. It's a potion with extreme effect and highly lethal." Hera wrinkled her eyebrows as she look at the old lady with a questioning eyes.

The old lady once again smiled and moved closer to her then she whispered something at Hera's ear that left the other one's eyes wide opened.


ra subconsciously opened her mouth as she stared at Therion with her gleaming eyes.

The fire in his body was almost burning Therion alive and in that instant he kissed Hera passionately.

Hera who was still out of her self did not resist but unknowingly put her arms around his neck instead and moved her body closer to him to feel his warmth.

But then again, something struck at Therion.

It was like that an ice bucket had been splashed to him when he realized that he must control himself.

He immediately let go of Hera and stands up.

"I'll go get someone to check on you." Out of breath he said before going out.

After several minutes of being alone in the chamber, Hera recollected herself.

Then she realized something...

This was the second time Therion actually avoided her on a steamy situation.

Like the pieces of a puzzle, she tried to patch up everything and something make sense to her now.

She will definitely scold the twins!

This time she had confirmed a way to escape Therion. That method was definitely the way to remove the bracelet.

She knew that she will have to compromise herself but there's no turning back now.

'Let's see how long you can control yourself from me!' She thought to herself as if she was talking to Therion directly.

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