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   Chapter 19 He Wanted Her Completely

Gemstone: The Burning Game of Love By Eustoma Characters: 5922

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'What's going on?" Hera asked Jun who was busy preparing things for her and the King.

"You will accompany his Majesty at Southeast Sea." Hera just kept silent and looked around for the twins.

She knew that her father was the one who led their army on the Southeast Sea border. She wondered what the situation there right now.

She has no objection to tag along since there's a bigger chance she will meet her father there.

She first saw Shen who was also preparing for the journey.

"Sis, how are you feeling now?" Shen asked.

She raised an eyebrow at Shen.

"What do you think I'm feeling right now? I'm suffocated! That King never leaves me alone! He is getting on my nerves most of the time!"

She announced annoyingly.

"You shouldn't be like that to the one who saved your life to think that you tried to kill him before." Shen reprimanded her.

"We heard the King almost searched the whole swimming hole for you and never left your side while you were still unconscious." Shen continued.

Hera rolled her eyes.

"Yeah right! Of course he will do that. He needs to save his ass in return!" Hera blurted out but suddenly paused when she realized something was off.

Sensing Hera's thought Shen interrupted and copies her expression.

"Yeah right! Nothing happened to him. Whatever you do with your self will not affect him in return. In short, whether you are hurt or die, he still lives."

Shen then explained to her how the bracelet worked and about the Master and Slave thing situation.

"Wait, that doesn't seemed right. Why would he let me had my way at the battlefield before if that was the case?" Hera was confused.

"Maybe he likes you a lot. Because according to Jun the King even personally took good care of you. You know w

ont who was reining the carriage horses.

Hera still dazed pulled her hair left and right like a crazy person.

She's feeling weak right now and her heart was beating like crazy.

'This is crazy. I'm crazy!' She thought to herself before closing her eyelids.

Therion needed air to cool him down. He can't let Hera get out of his grip with his wrong move. He must control his self no matter what.

He went back inside the carriage. Hera was already sleeping soundly. Her long hair was messed up.

He sat beside her as he gently pushed away the hairs that cover her face.

He can't help but stared at her beautiful face. He wanted her so badly. But he must wait until he makes her fall in love with him.

Right now, the binding bracelet was the only way for her to stay by his side. He won't let her return to Hedus Kingdom no matter what happened.

Therion still can't get out of his mind the incident at the battlefield where Hera sacrificed herself just to save that General.

He closed his fists and clenched his teeth at the thought of another man occupying Hera's heart.

He will make sure that Hera will be his, all his alone. He wanted her completely.

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