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   Chapter 18 Just behave and I will let you do anything you want.

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Updated: 2018-11-12 14:21

Therion was awakened by Hera's touch. He pretended to be asleep and did not open his eyes.

He liked the feeling of her soft fingers fondling on each parts of his face.

It brought a burning sensation through his body. When her fingers traced his lips, he was almost losing control and would like to kiss and nibble them.

However, he still restrained his self and remained calm as he grabbed her withdrawing wrist.

Hera froze for a second as she was caught by Therion red-handed. She was so startled that her initial reaction was to slap him straight away by her hand near his cheek that he was still holding.

"Ouch!" Hera felt the slap on her own cheek.

Therion's brow furrowed.

"You are so persistent huh? Is this how you should thank me for saving your life? I should probably teach you more lessons to ponder with." Therion said on a shallow smile with deep piercing eyes.

Before she knew it, Therion immediately moved on top of her.

Sensing what he intended to do, Hera deliberately aimed for a kick on his groin.

"Ah. ah. ah., if I were you I won't do that! Or if you are prepare to feel my pain in doing so then as you please, go on and kick as hard as you can!"

Hera held back as she heard the warning of Therion. She almost forgot her situation.

"Good girl. That's more like it, just behave and I will let you do anything you want." He slowly bowed down to kiss Hera but suddenly stopped upon hearing a growling sound of Hera's stomach.

Therion exhaled deeply before he smiled and gently kissed her forehead instead and then rose up.

"I'll get someone to prepare your food. You must be starving for almost two days of sleeping."

Hera on the other hand was almost losing her breath. Yes she can't breathe at all and it felt like butterflies were flying all over her stomach.

geous, but most of them can tell that King Therion had something going on with their Princess.

To pull back his army and let them escape just because the Princess made a ruckus was definitely not a wise move.

General Bai shook his head as the particular fact crossed his mind. 'Whether it's a success or a downfall of a man, behind it will always be a woman.'

He wondered how it was going with Muru after the incident. How unfortunate of that young General.

Looking at it, they might not even get the chance to bring back the Princess unless King Vertud will be the one to make a move.

"General Bai, King Therion will make a move to Southeast area and he will bring the Princess." The spy they sent at Akasha army reported.

Hearing this, General Bai instructed the mobilization of King Vertud's special assassins to ambush King Therion and retrieve their Princess on the way to Southeast area.

Those particular assassins were not very simple. They were part of King Vertud's control to Aether power.

King Vertud was in the process of making an army with spiritual forces.

With limited soldiers dispatched to escort King Therion, there would be a higher chance of retrieving the Princess.

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