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   Chapter 17 The King Is Personally Taking Care of Her

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Updated: 2018-11-10 12:18

On the second day, Hera was still unconscious.

The twins who had learned of what happened were still troubled. They can't get inside the King's tent so they can only check the situation through other soldiers as a bystander from time to time.

Shen who was still disguised as Chu tried to get more information about Hera's condition from Jun.

"Why do you keep on asking me about the Princess?" Jun blurted with annoyance.

"What's wrong? Can't I be curious? She got my attention because she was not only beautiful but a real fighter. Haven't you seen how she knocked out that blabbermouth soldier of ours? If I get the chance, I would like to ask her to teach me more moves you know." Shen explained keeping up on her act.

King Therion did not forbid his men to approach Hera nor talk and be friends with her.

Being nice with the Princess was all that matters to the King and the twins were very grateful to that to think that their Princess tried to kill him.

'King Therion was definitely got caught by our Sis' venomous beauty.' Shen thought happily.

"So how is she now? It's such a waste, if something bad happens to her." Shen continued to question Jun.

"Well, the King was personally taking care of her so I guess she will definitely live, alright. That's the first time I've seen our King so compassionate to a lady as if he was afraid to lose her." Jun declared while rolling his eyes.

He shook his head. Even Jun was confused on the actions of his King.

These days, King Therion was so transparent of his soft side whenever he was with the Princess.

He knew his King was kind-hearted and has that soft side on him but he never showed it at all.

He always masked that with his cold and strict aura to conceal any weaknesses at all as a ruler.

But something's changed upon the Princess's arrival.

Well, as long as their King was fine, they were all good as well. He trusts his King's discretion and will always will.

Meanwhile, Shan rushed towards Shen. "H

oke up with a familiar scent beside her. She felt an arm on her neck while another arm was locked on her waist.

'What the heck is this man doing in here?!' She tried to move to get up but unable to do so because the grip in her waist just tightened more.

She sighed. 'Am I dreaming?'

The last thing she remembered was her having strong cramps on her legs while she struggled for air under the water.

She pinched her cheeks.

'I guess I'm still alive.' She thought since she felt the pain.

She tried to recollect what happened.

She remembered hearing a man's voice telling her to keep breathing and wake up. It was not Therion's voice, the voice sounded slowly like an old man was speaking. It's not her father's voice also so she wondered if she's hallucinating things.

But that voice definitely gave her strength while she passed out underneath the water.

Hera turned her head at Therion's side who was sleeping soundly.

Without realizing it, she started to touch his face.

She traced his eyebrows, eyes then the line of his nose downwards before Hera stroke the hem of his lips from the upper to his lower lip.

'Hmm, so soft.' Hera thought.

She was about to pull back her hand when Therion grasped it and then opened his eyes.

With a silly grin he said "Are you satisfied?"

Hera. "…..?..."

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