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   Chapter 16 I don’t Care Who Your Father Is, You are Mine Now

Gemstone: The Burning Game of Love By Eustoma Characters: 6960

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Therion fetched Hera at the food stock area. He saw her searching for fruits to eat with one of his soldier who immediately leave after bowing at him to pay respect.

He suppressed his laughter upon seeing how Hera rolled her eyes when she saw him approaching.

'This girl is really cute.' He thought while still showing his cold face.

"Are you testing my patience dear Princess? Don't tell me you are anticipating my punishment for your disobedience?" Therion's face was still stern as he walked towards Hera.

'What the heck?!' Hera reddened at Therion's words.

She quickly sidestepped at the exit and run away from him but Therion caught her arm. He escorted her to his horse outside.

"Be good and hop in or else the soldiers won't miss the viewing of your punishment." Hera quickly obeyed and almost cursed Therion a hundred times in her head. He then followed.

"It's very uncomfortable. I told you I can ride a horse on my own!" Therion just ignored her and slightly moved closer that Hera's hair almost touched his nose and unknowingly he buried his self with her fragrance.

After about fifteen minutes, Therion stopped the horse and get down.

Hera followed but was startled by Therion's arm that supported her from behind almost hugging her.

Hera abruptly faced the man and raised an eyebrow. "Don't touch me!"

She walked ahead of him to hide her blushing face.

'This is your fault!' As she raised her wrist talking to the spiral bracelet as if it's a person she's lecturing.

She stopped and was dazed to see a falls surrounded by rainforest.

"I thought you will like it here. I found this during one of my journey and used as a rest stop for a while when travelling to and from Enuma Kingdom." Therion stared at Hera who was looked impressed with the scenery.

This was one of Hera's pleasures, travelling and seeing such precious scenery. She immediately wants to take a dip on the swimming hole which was located on downstream from the falls.

She almost forgot that she was not alone and found Therion who's now at her side and starin

on Hera's mouth, thereafter, a sequence of two breaths and thirty chest compression, he repeated until Hera starts breathing.

He wrapped Hera's whole body and returned at the campsite as fast as he can.

"Get me Chul immediately!" Therion almost shouted to Jun as panic and worried crossed his face.

"Your Majesty the Princess needs body warmth to easily subdue the sudden low body temperature." Chul recommended after checking the Princess whose whole body is now shivering.

Therion instructed them to leave.

He immediately undressed his self. He snuggled down in Hera's blanket and cuddled her shivering naked body as tight as he could covering it all with his to warm her body back to its normal temperature.

Her skin was very cold.

Hera who opened her eyes saw Therion. She tried to talk.

"What's going on? What are you doing?" She's still stammering.

"I am saving your life." He whispered at her ear giving her enough warmth.

"Why would you do that? I'm the daughter of your enemy. I will still kil..." Hera was stopped as Therion's lips landed on hers. He was like smooching her...

"Sshhh, just be quiet and relax." Therion murmured between his kisses. Hera started to feel sleepy because of the comfort and warmth her body felt.

"I don't care who your father is, you are mine now." Therion once again whispered at Hera who had fallen in slumber.

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