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   Chapter 15 Bullying Her Is Bullying Me!

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It was never enough. She will definitely torture the filthy bald man.

Hera constantly placing powerful kicks and punches as if she was just playing with a sack of grain hanging at her front.

She embodied a persona that was strong and in control.

Soldiers were all amazed and scared at the Princess at the same time. She was definitely dangerous.

The bald guy can barely stands up on his knees. He can't accept a girl will just knocks her up. He was about to try to attack when suddenly...

"What is going on here?" The soldiers immediately straightened and bow respect to their King.

Hera walked passed Therion. "You should screen your soldiers more. Teach them well to use their fists instead of their mouths!"

Therion frowned and looked at his soldiers for an explanation.

One of the soldiers narrated what happened.

Therion looked irately at the bald guy. "Get him! Cut-out his tongue and lock him up! I will deal with him later!"

"Heed my words, Bullying Her Is Bullying Me!" Therion's heavy declaration left the soldiers in awe.

Therion afterwards followed Hera in her tent.

"What do you want now?" Hera asked with irritation when he saw Therion entered her tent.

Therion followed her to apologize but can't seem to find the words hearing Hera's bluntness. He doesn't know why, but it bothers him that Hera was annoyed and angry. He wants to pacify her.

"I just want to apologize. I'll make sure this won't happen again." Words finally came out on his mouth.

"Just get out and leave me alone okay." Hera replied contemptuously.

Hera let out a deep signed. She's pissed off.

In the first place, things will not get complicated if Therion just behaved the way he should be as her enemy. No one will misunderstand a thing then.

'Or maybe he was purposely doing those things to humiliate me in public.'

Probably those soldiers think the same as of that bald guy and all mostly laughing at her behind her back.

The next morning...

Hera looked one more time for Shan and Shen but bumped into Ming

ether. Her cupid side even grew more when she witnessed how Therion kissed her Sis in the battlefield.

She just found it so romantic.

She has nothing against Therion, the same goes with her twin Shan, the King was a good man and a good ruler at his Kingdom who was well respected by his people.

She doesn't know why but she definitely believed in Therion rather than their King Vertud although she had no idea of the truth as well.

Only Hera can tell once her memory is back.

She almost forgot about Muru, the poor General was also sincere towards his feeling for her Sis.

But she only saw admiration on Hera's face and she doesn't see the sparks between them like she did when Hera was with Therion.

There's just something between the two she can't also explain.

"Hey Shen, what are you thinking?" Hera broke her sudden silence as she looked at Shen who seemed to be in a deep thought.

"Uhmm nothing." It's better to keep her opinion on her own and no longer irritate Hera more.

"You tell Shan to find another option!!! And make it quick!!! I want to get out of that man's sight as soon as possible!"

Jun who went back was stammering while he relayed Hera's exact words to the King.

"Where is she?" Therion blankly asked.

'The vixen is really testing my patience. Shall I punish her more?' He thought while showing a silly grin.

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