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   Chapter 14 No Harm Should Befall On Her

Gemstone: The Burning Game of Love By Eustoma Characters: 6032

Updated: 2018-11-06 22:37

You can still see how irritated Hera was until now. She was so embarrassed.

King Therion made her a laughingstock.

'What will Muru think of her now? The last thing he saw was Therion kissing her.

The worst part was her being frozen at that moment.'

Hera can't believe that her first kiss was stolen easily by an enemy, how shameless.

She threw several punching and kicking at the air. She's actually acting like a kid right now who was unable to get even with a foe...

She wanted to kill that King or at least smash him as hard as she can.

But then reality hits her...

She can't do anything right now and she's just so powerless.

She looked at the spiral bracelet in her wrist and almost cursed the thing.

This was no joke because she experienced the pain when she slapped Therion after the kiss.

She definitely felt that slapping force on her cheeks and she did it not just once but thrice as if making sure it was for real.

Therion just mocked her by looking at her with his eyes saying the expression 'I told you so...'

Whatever she does on Therion will certainly bounce back to her body. The binding bracelet was truly something and one of a kind.

She was even grateful in the end that Therion was not hurt at all in the battle so her body was fine also.

'I am too young to die like this.' Hera thought as she wants to experience and to accomplish more in life.

She doesn't want to die because of something like that.

What a joke she thought, whoever created this binding bracelet must be someone who was so out of his or her mind, a very crazy frustrated person.

Meka: "....." choked

At the head quarter, most Generals who had seen what happened in the battlefield had their curious looks at Therion but neither one of them has the guts to ask the

u." Hera mockingly said and laughed at her heart's content.

"What did you say, you whore!!! Let me teach you a lesson bitch" The man walked towards Hera.

Hera on the other hand just stands still and furrowed an eyebrow.

The man tried to strangle her but failed as she quickly avoided him.

"Hey maggot, are you blind?" She sarcastically said while scornfully laughed.

That caused the man to get more furious and annoyed. He once again tried to catch Hera and again this caused a lot of fall and stumble on his part.

Many soldiers have gathered while watching what was happening.

Some can't help but cackle whenever the bald man will stumble and fall in an awkward funny way.

"Now it's my turn to strike. But I plan to show mercy if you will beg and apologize for what you have said earlier especially the annoying words you have called me." Hera said in a serious tone while glaring straight at the bald man.

The man froze for a while at her evil look.

'How come this beauty can chill his bone out?'

He shook his head.

"That won't happen. You are a whore and I will say it over and over again whooorr..." His sentence was cut off with a swift flying kicked from Hera.

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