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   Chapter 6 Shila - Guardian of Aether Element, Princess of Akasha and the Deceased Queen of Hedus Kingdom

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Updated: 2018-10-31 11:07

At Akasha Army Campsite…

Therion quickly mobilized his army sparing no time to let the enemy reach at their borders.

He also dispatched messengers to the two Kingdoms to request for alliance. His Kingdom was the largest among all other three which was positioned at the southern part.

Enuma Kingdom was at the western part while Thales was at the northern part. Hedus was at the eastern part.

The Four Kingdoms were like the four petals of a flower which was adherent to each other at the middle by lands then the other sides can be traveled by sea.

All naval army guarding the border at sea were also well prepared for battle. He already expected that this day will come as any time soon.

The man had that hideous plan long time ago. Vertud's thirst for power was insane and getting worst. It's just a matter of time. He wanted to control all kingdoms.

Therion's heart ached so much as the thought of his sister crossed his mind.

Shila was the only Princess of Akasha and at the age of sixteen she had been chosen as the Guardian of Aether Element.

Words been spread that other elements were yet to find their chosen Guardians at the right time.

Unknown to his father, Vertud, the young crown Prince of Hedus, pursued her sister that time in secrecy.

As soon as his father found out about this, he directly forbade the relationship because at a young age, the man was known to cause troubles and havoc in their kingdom.

It was also believed that Vertud was the one responsible for the death of all his brothers just to ascend the throne.

But her sister was stubborn at that time and she continued her relationship with Vertud.

She even left Akasha Kingdom and run away with Vertud.

Until one day, a message came across wit

pleas at all. His decisions never break.

Two years ago, Vertud even raped and impregnated one of her servant while she was away.

That maid tried to kill herself by poison because of the shame and atonement to her.

Malin managed to save the maid and her baby but due to the poison had already reached the blood; the baby was born very sick and covered with skin disease.

Vertud exiled both the mother and child. But she made sure both of them were well taken care of.

Shila was also very helpless, she was mentally tired but her heart won't seem to give up.

"If you love the wrong person, you can have all the tough talks you want and communicate your concerns as often as you like, but nothing ever changes. That's because you can't ever really expect to change a person."

"If you feel like you've sacrificed something to make this person satisfied, sometimes this isn't the healthiest of choices. More often than not, these situations never really end well. As your father, it breaks my heart to see you in this kind of situation."

Those were the last words of their father to her sister Shila.

And that was the last time Therion saw her sister...

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