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   Chapter 4 Princess Hera

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"Princess Hera! Princess Hera!"

The maids are searching the whole castle to look for the Princess who suddenly disappeared from her chamber early in the morning.

The maids hurriedly reported the matter to Malin when they failed to find the Princess.

"Send someone to inform General Muru." Malin released a deep sign, shaking his head.

Hera was a stubborn lady who caused a lot of problems most of the time. That lady was not what you really considered a lady in any ways.

Ever since she woke-up and healed from the incident, she has been into various activities.

She prefers to join the company of soldiers instead of the ladies to learn various things a princess should be learning.

Malin heard many complaints from the soldiers because it was very hard for them to concentrate on the training with a beauty at site.

The King allowed the lady to even join military exercises, mastering all sorts of weapons and totally disregarding the grievances of the soldiers.

Muru was one to be blamed on this as he often pampers the Princess.

As usual, he needs to report every single thing that was happening to the Princess to King Vertud.

The King was so nice with the lady treating her like a real daughter.

King Vertud was a cunning person, so it was very hard to tell if the King was sincere or just planning something else against the lady.


Malin reminisced the past...

The same scheme was used to obtain the element of Aether, gaining the full trust of the Guardian.

His King was ambitious, who was willing to attain his goal by all means.

He wanted to rule at the Four Kingdoms. To achieve it, he needs all the gemstones which will give him powers beyond limit, the power to control the five elements. (fire, air, earth, water and aether)

No one knows that Aether was already in the hands of King Vertud.

But he believed that Akasha Kingdom had their intuition on it.

Malin made another deep sign...

Right now his son led the army of Hedus for war after a year of training and planning.

King Vertud will conquer Akasha Kingdom first.

The King came up on this based on the incident that night, only three streaks of a lights and fireballs like appeared.

Green light at Enuma Kingdom, white light at Thales Kingdom while red light at Hedus Kingdom.

One element was missing which was the sapphire gemstone, the element of water.

Thus, King Vertud already concluded success. "War against a kingdom without a guardian obviously denotes Victory."


In the border of Hedus Kingdom, battalions were set to conquer Akasha Kingdom.

Weeks ago, Hera managed to sneak out of the castle in disguised as a man and ask a blacksmith to make her an armor with a full mask.

It was a sunny journey. Sweat was forming at Hera's face which was covered by the metal mask.

Good thing she was riding with a cavalry as other soldiers were just marching only by foot.

She actually tried to convince her father and Muru to let her join the battle since they were much aware of her capabilities.


still disagreed. 'Damn this metal mask covering her face.' She was not comfortable at all.

But she needs to put up with this until they reach the best ground to camp.

This was the first time she will join a battle and she was actually anticipating it.

She cannot wait to face the King of Akasha and avenge her mother.

According to her father, the King of Akasha was the one who killed her mother.

The deceased Queen was the Princess of Akasha.

She tried to poison her mother because of jealousy when it reached her the news that the King accidentally impregnated her mother.

Because of that, she was born very sick. Although she was alive, she was thrown out from the castle.

She stayed in a secluded place as her body was full of skin disease.

No one actually had seen her face except for her mother. She was always covered with a veil.

One night, when her mother was in a journey to return to the castle, assassins from Akasha Kingdom ambushed her carriage.

That evil Therion, King of Akasha Kingdom, believed that her mother was the reason his sister died so he wasted no time to send someone to kill her mother in an instant.

At that same time, Malin succeeded with his study on how to counter attack the poison in her body.

He totally healed her after a year without any traces of the disease.

Her father was so happy to hear the news and immediately sent a troop to escort her back to the castle.

But the same scenario happened, her carriage was also ambushed by King Therion's assassins and upon escaping for her life she fell on a small cliff.

She got hit by a rock in the head which caused her to lose all her memory.

If not for her father who arrived in time to rescue her, she's probably dead by then. 'What a tragic faith she had!'

Now, it feels like she was reborn.

Her father was so good at her and she was very happy with her current memories right now.

She was actually looking forward on her future together with Muru.

She really admired the young general who was handsome, kind, talented and always there to protect her.

There's so many more that she liked about him. She giggled and blushed at the idea.

She plans to ask her father to arrange her marriage with Muru after the war...



A handsome young general rushed at the chamber of the King.

"Uncle, an army, no actually it seems like the whole army of Hedus Kingdom is marching which I believe headed to our kingdom."

King Therion gave Armis a deadly glance.

They were actually like brothers although Armis was the son of her sister, they were born on the same year so technically he was just months older than him.

"Confirm the situation. If they want war then we will give them one. How dare those bastards to belittle us! Prepare to set our army to meet them! I'll make sure they won't even reach halfway to Akasha!!!"

King Therion declared with full authority as he clenched his fist.

"Vertud, my sister was not enough and now you even want our Kingdom. I will make sure you will die by my hands!"

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