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   Chapter 2 Gems That Almost Look Real

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After thirty minutes of walking, the group decided to rest for a while.

There were many mountain huts along the way to break your journey at.

The scenery was really good and breathe taking.

They had many selfies. Rin was doing a live video update for her website.

As a celebrity she had to do so to gain popularity and more followers.

While resting, she grabbed one of her chocolate bars to eat.

"Yuna how many times do I have to remind you not to eat too much sweet? Yeah it is a good thing you are not getting fat that easily but duhhh you might get diabetes at any time and die early you know."

She just winked at Shay and offered another chocolate to her which she declined with a poker face of no thanks at the same time.

The experienced tour guides, who consisted of 2 males and 1 female, were telling them stories about the Zed Mountain, a place steeped in myth, legend and natural beauty.

There are even tales of different and shape-shifting creatures together with stories of dramatic mountain ranges and coastlines.

"Do any of the town folks really saw something like that?" Aya asked out of curiosity.

"Well some said they did." The female guide answered.

This is just all hearsay to their ears since none of them believe on those myths in actual real life.

At the back of her mind, she almost laughed at the thought.

They will definitely just spend their time on a beach instead of this trip if one of them ever believes on those tales.

Good thing that all four of them were brave and confident on many things which she thought as one of the factor for their harmonious relationship.

"Gosh, this small box was so locked-up. I wonder if there was really something inside." Aya frustratingly murmured.

She looked at Aya, who was so concentrated and seems like having a hard time to figure out how to open the small wooden box the old lady gave them.

"Oh my... Is this for real?" Aya who succeeded in opening the box is now looking at the necklace in her hand with a very thin and almost unnoticeable clear strap.

What will actually catch your eyes was the opal pendant that seems attached directly at the strap.

It's like a gem. It's something looked exactly like an Emerald based on the color.

The three of them also checked their small box and tried to open it following the instructions of Aya.

It was really hard to find the small push button Aya mentioned as all of them almost touched and scanned the whole box with their index finger.

The box seems to require a particular thumbprint which has to be aligned on the button.

Finally, she m

anaged to open her box and she saw a Ruby like necklace inside.

She hang it at her neck. 'Wow it fits perfectly' she thought.

"Holy cow! What the hell! It looks so real!" Shay gasped with an exaggeration while looking at the Sapphire like necklace.

"Mine is like a Diamond, this is very pretty which suites my taste. These artificial stones looked so real at all." Announced by Rin while she wore the necklace and immediately post a picture at her site.

They told the tour guides that an Old Lady at the Souvenir Shop gave it to them as a gift for new comers.

The guides looked so surprise as this was the first time they heard that there's a certain token now for new comers.

They just ignored the thought thinking the same that maybe this was part of the new promotions to gain more visitors for Zed Mountain.

She can't help but laugh at Rin who even instructed one of the tour guides to capture her image.

She made different poses and even pushed us all to pose as a group.

She was really cute and very fast at social media as all pictures was sent to their phones in an instant, on all their group chat online and to her website.

They continued the trail.

Ferns, mosses and lichens dot the landscape, creating a unique sight unlike anything they had ever seen.

It was filled with waterfalls, convenient campsites, gorges covered in fern walls, and treks through rivers to places that looked like something out of a fairytale.

According to one of the guides, the mountain had over ten waterfalls with some hundreds of feet tall.

They were all excited to explore each falls. Waterfalls were popular destinations year-round.

They already passed three falls at noontime before stopping at a particular store to grab lunch where you can see other campers.

Overall, park trails were both well maintained and well signed, making navigation relatively uncomplicated.

Although Zed Mountain was a remote area, the basics amenities were all present.

In each stops, they already had small stores designed to blend in the style of the mountain so you can still feel like as if it was not there at all.

They decided to go on a off peak season like this day since they prefer fewer crowds.

They chose a particular campsite which was farther and almost near at the top most part which also had showers, clean bathrooms, and generously sized sites.

Reservations were recommended which was arranged by Aya.

The whole area they had seen so far were temperate rainforest, which means super lush, super green foliage and trails that makes you feel like a jungle explorer...

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