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   Chapter 1034 Happy Ending

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 13280

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Hearing what they had said, Zed struggled to conceal his anger. He finally realized what was going on in the hotel throughout this time. Hess was not only useless to the company, but also a liability. He lacked a basic sense of responsibility. When undesirable events occurred, instead of finding out the real truth, he simply fired a few employees to gain a face saving exit.

Analyzing his track record so far, Zed found that Hess was obviously not a commendable manager.

"How could you even consider doing something like that? Tell me! What else have you done to my employees?"

Despite Zed's fuming rage, he tried to remain calm. Hess had helped him previously in dealing with a lot of problems. Zed felt obliged to render him the benefit of the doubt.

Hess' face reddened instantly in shame. He didn't dare to accuse Julie over it. Instead, he simply kept apologizing for his mistake.

"I don't think you deserve this position any longer."

Zed had already made his decision to give Hess' position to a better and more able person.

Hearing Zed's verdict, Ellie sensed that this was her long awaited chance to climb up high on the leadership ladder in this hotel.

She stood up immediately and proclaimed, "Boss, I have something that I need to tell you too."

Looking at Ellie's smug face, Hess knew he was about to get in even more trouble. She knew about the relationship between him and Julie. If she revealed this to Zed, it would virtually be the end of his career.

"You shut up! Can't you see that we are busy here?" Hess yelled.

However, she pushed him aside and kept staring at Zed, waiting for his permission.

"Alright, I hope what you have to say is something useful and important."

"It is, Sir. Do you know that Hess shares a bond with Julie? Hess is Julie's brother. He is the person who Julie appointed in the hotel with the sole purpose of keeping an eye on you. He collaborated with another service manager to manufacture the mayhem related to the cleanliness of the hotel room last time. They didn't wish to assume responsibility of their mistakes. Instead, they blamed it on this new attendant, making her the scapegoat."

There was a sudden surge of information in Ellie's words. Zed looked at Hess in surprise. He couldn't believe his ears as he asked, "Is all this true?"

Hess wasn't so smart, but he knew he couldn't admit the relationship he had with Julie. He pointed his finger to Ellie and said, "Bullshit! I'll sue you for defamation if you don't apologize. I have no connection whatsoever with Julie!"

"Is that so? Mr. Hess, would you like to take a look at the pictures in my phone?"

Ellie always came prepared. Having followed Hess for a while, she had taken a lot of their pictures and videos. She had ample evidence in her hands.

Hess realized that he had been checkmated, so he shook his head and explained, "Please let me have a word. Julie asked me to do so. It wasn't my original intention."

Hess depicted that he was in fact a scoundrel by attempting to use Julie as a cover.

At this moment, the persons representing the suppliers arrived. Zed was forced to hold back his anger. He gnashed his teeth in anger and said, "We are not done yet! I will talk to you later."

He walked over to the back of the stage and announced to everyone, "Thank you all for your time! I hereby revoke all decisions made by Hess. I will be personally handling his situation later! You may get back to your work!"

Then, he swiftly moved to those three agents who had come on the behalf of his suppliers.

Leading them into the conference, Zed said, "Good afternoon, gentlemen. Let me cut to the chase. J Hotel may not be the biggest hotel in this city, but it sells well. I really don't understand why all of you have decided to raise up your price. Especially your offer, which was way too expensive."

Zed was a smart man. He knew this raise was not due to the market turbulence. There was an underly

inister then faced Jean as he asked, "Jean, will you take Zed to be your husband, your partner in life and your one true love? Will you cherish his friendship and love him today, tomorrow and forever? Will you trust and honor him, laugh with him and cry with him? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?"

Jean looked at him with happy tears and answered, "I will."

The music broke their loving silence into a celebration of love. They both exchanged rings under the sun and kissed each other fondly.

Jade and Sean held one baby each in their arms. They were in the happiest moment of their lives to witness this scene.

At night, in the wedding suite, they sat together.

Jean had recovered very well after giving birth to Zed's two beautiful babies. However, Zed didn't want to pressure Jean for anything, so he hadn't bugged her for sex since then.

Today, he finally couldn't control himself anymore.

"Honey, do you mind if we do it tonight?" Looking at Jean, a wicked smile lit up his face.

"Ha, I get it. You wanted to have a wedding so bad so that you could do it. Am I right?"

"Yes, baby. You are right!"

He started to press his body onto Jean's...

The room was full of love, which lasted for a long time. Perhaps, even the angels blushed seeing the two love birds making love.

Six years later, during Zed's family gathering, Kathryn Qi called out, "Daddy! Why is Mommy jumping around in front of the TV?"

Zed looked at Jean who was trying hard to lose weight and replied with a smile, "Because your mommy gained a lot of weights after bringing you two to Daddy. Now, her mission is complete. She is trying to lose the extra pounds she has put on."

Izard Qi put down his toys, as he ran to Jean and said, "Mommy, Mommy! Daddy is teasing you again!"

"What?" Jean ran over to Zed, jumped on his back and grabbed his ears, saying, "How dare you! What did you just say? Did you forget how hard it was for me to give birth to both of them?"

Zed was immobilized. There was nothing Zed could do. He replied courteously, "Honey, you have been describing it for years. How could I forget that?"

Jade just walked out of the kitchen. Watching them playing around, she felt satisfied. Zed and Jean had made her dream, Benjamin's dream and Sean's dream transform into reality. Their laughter filled the house. This was the best kind of love. Love is nothing more than an innocent celebration of life.

The best wishes to everyone. May all lovers unite in marriage! Life maybe a short tale, but we can make them splendidly beautiful! The End.

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