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   Chapter 1032 The Delayed Moving Plan

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 5972

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Today was Sunday. It was a new day and a new beginning for Zed. He was ready to go to Jean's place and help her move back in with him.

Just as he was about to knock on Jean's door, Hess called him. He was calling with an emergency on hotel matters. Their suppliers had suddenly raised their prices, and some staff were causing trouble.

Zed frowned upon hearing this. He took a peek inside the room as he contemplated on what he was going to do. Finally, he decided to call Jean.

Jean was packing her things. She felt excited because she was finally moving back in with Zed.

She had a lot of memories in this little room of hers. She spent one of the most difficult times of her life here. It all felt surreal.

Jean was snapped out of her daze by Zed's call. For some reason, something felt off with Zed calling. Raising her eyebrows, she answered the call.

"Zed, you're late! Where are you? Please don't tell me you're not gonna make it."

Zed's chest tightened upon hearing this. She was right—he wasn't going to make it.

After a pause, Zed decided to go with the truth. He said, "Jean, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I just got called in for an emergency in the hotel. The suppliers suddenly raised their prices and things are crazy over there, so I have to go there and handle the situation."

Jean was just joking. She didn't expect that she would actually be right. He seemed sincere in his explanation, so she was understanding and she didn't make him feel bad.

She replied, "All right, it's okay. I forgive you. Now go to the hotel. I'll be fine."

"Thank you, honey! I'll be back as soon as I finish up there."

Zed felt less bad with Jean being so understanding. He turned the car and headed to the J Hotel.

Hess was waiting for Zed in the office.

s up?"

she answered calmly.

Hess rolled his eyes. He barked, "Julie! What kind of plan is this! The hotel is a mess! How are you going to fix this?"

She took pleasure in his misery. She responded with a chuckle, "Hess, will you calm down? You want to quit your job anyway. After today, your wish is going to come true. You should be thanking me!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Hess could imagine the look on her face as he spoke to her over the phone. He threatened, "Stop laughing! I did say I wanted to quit but I didn't want to leave like this! My reputation's all ruined. I'm totally taking you down with me."

"Okay! Chill! You'll be fine. It's all under control. I won't make it hard for you."

Hess was getting impatient. Julie still needed his help for the rest of her plan, so she comforted him.

"For real? Are you sure this won't harm me?"

"Of course. I'm your sister. Why would I lie to you?"

Although Julie's promise sounded very sincere, she didn't mean it at all. She just said this to get Hess to stop talking.

Hess had no idea. He thought Julie was looking out for him and protecting him and making sure he'd never get harmed or hurt.

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