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   Chapter 1031 The Last Shot

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8067

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"Come on, Harrison, just tell me who the host of the party is."

Julie already wanted to know this, so she decided to just keep on pestering Harrison until he gave in. She just couldn't wait to find out anymore.

Harrison knew what Julie was talking about. He glanced at Julie and said, "Julie, don't rush. Look, he's already there. He just showed up."

Just as Harrison finished talking, the crystal lights in the hall suddenly went out. Then there came a voice. "Now, let's give a warm round of applause for our host this evening!"

As the sound faded, a spotlight suddenly appeared at the entryway. Out came two men—one older and one younger—the older man was wearing an expensive-looking suit and the young man was assisting the older man as they walked.

Julie's attention immediately went to the young man who was escorting the older man.

Julie's mind went blank when she realized that the young man was James. He was the last person Julie thought she'd see here.

James looked different because he wasn't in his usual getup of casual clothes. Today, he was wearing an elegant suit with a matching tie. He looked so handsome that everyone couldn't help but stare.

Julie had to calm herself down as she watched James—she was so stunned. This was the first time that Julie was seeing James in a different light.

Even though she knew that James came from a rich family, she didn't know that James could be this handsome.

Suddenly, the crowd broke into a huge applause. As it echoed throughout the hall, James' grandmother took the opportunity to say a word or two. "First of all, I'd like to welcome you all tonight. Thank you for coming. I'd like to introduce someone to you. This is James, my grandson. Now he's our guest of honor for today because I threw this party for him…"

In her speech, she continued to speak highly of her grandson and then she ended it by telling the guests to enjoy themselves. After a little while, she exited the hall.

After all, parties like these were most enjoyed by young people, not the elderly. She didn't feel comfortable joining in parties like this and she knew it didn't suit her as well.

As soon as James' grandmother left, Julie approached James right away. She regretted dismissing James before because she didn't know that he came from family like this.

She knew that she didn't have a chance with Zed anymore but if she could get James

ed with Jean's propositions for modifications, so he ordered the decorators to decorate the hotel according to Jean's ideas.

Julie, meanwhile, fell into a depression after the party. She didn't leave her house for one week. It wasn't until her mother called her for money that she realized she couldn't go on living like that anymore.

That day, Zed was helping Jean move back in with him. Previous events made Zed realize how fun and important WeChat Moments could be. Now he couldn't help himself, and he just kept posting photos anytime he was with Jean. He wanted to show off his relationship with Jean and how happy they were together.

Julie didn't know that Jean was moving back in with Zed until she saw Zed's photos on his WeChat Moments. She couldn't help but feel upset even more upon seeing the photos. 'It seems as if everyone but me has found their true love. I won't ever find a man who just loves me, Why?' Julie thought to herself miserably.

Julie recalled her plans before as she thought this over, so she decided to give Hess a call.

Hess had been having a hard time lately. Due to the last incident, Zed was already suspicious about him. He dared not to go out during work hours because he was afraid that Zed would find out.

As Hess complained about work, his phone suddenly started ringing. It was Julie. As soon as he answered the call, he whined, "Julie, I don't want to live like this anymore! I'm not free! I can't do what I want!"

"All right. I'll help you but you have to promise to do one last thing for me. If you succeed, you can stop working at the J Hotel."

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