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   Chapter 1030 Julie Was No Match For Jean

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6646

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It wasn't surprising that Zed would feel this way. However, what he didn't know was that Jean was feeling pretty confident with herself too. That was to say, Julie wouldn't ever be able to bully her again.

Based on what Julie said over the phone, Zed knew this now—Julie was no match for Jean.

Since Julie was insisting on working at the new hotel, Jean generously offered her a job. Julie just didn't know that it was going to be a waitressing job. As a proud woman, she did not appreciate it at all.

Zed didn't get angry with Julie. Instead, he was actually quite pleased with Julie this time. Thanks to Julie, Jean was taking over the hotel earlier than he'd expected.

This made Zed even more curious about what had really happened last night.

So he decided to ask James, "What happened last night?"

James hated Julie with a burning passion so he didn't have a problem telling Zed all about what happened.

"Damn it! Julie and her mother teamed up against Jean? They really are shameless!"

Zed said scornfully.

"Don't worry about it anymore, Zed. In the end, they didn't get anything. At first, I was afraid for Jean because I didn't know what Julie might do to her. But after this, I don't think I need to worry about her anymore. After all, she's a smart and strong girl. Since it looks like she's decided not to tell you about it yet, maybe give her the space that she wants," James said insightfully.

This sounded reasonable to Zed so he nodded his head as he responded, "Okay, okay, I see. All right, I have to go now. Thanks for all the help, James."

Zed called Jean as soon as he hung up with James. He asked, "Jean, how are things going at the hotel? Are you adjusting well? Are the employees good to you? Do you need any help there?"

"All right, who told you?" Jean said.

She already knew why Zed was calling her in the first place. In fact, she'd already been expecting his call the minute Julie angrily walked out on her.

"What? What are

grandmother. Give me a break," James said, smiling at his grandmother.

He knew what his grandmother meant. Even though he wasn't really into this party, he wouldn't go against her wishes because he loved his grandmother very much.

His grandmother loved him just as much. She was very proud of James and she just wanted him to find a nice girlfriend.

At that time, Julie had just arrived at the villa with Harrison. She scanned the house, judging at how it was decorated—she was impressed. She loved going to parties like this as it was in these kinds of parties that she could indulge herself as a beautiful and vain woman.

Nonetheless, it wasn't every day that Julie got to go to a party as fancy as this.

"So, who threw this party?"

Julie asked out of curiosity. Everything about the party was luxurious—the organizer was obviously very wealthy. That was why Julie wanted to know who was throwing the party.

Harrison knew what Julie was thinking about. So, he said to her, "Don't worry. You'll meet him very soon and you'll see that he might be a familiar face."

"What? You mean I know him?"

Julie looked at Harrison and asked in surprise. As far as she could remember, Zed was the only rich man she knew.


Harrison said as if he was sure. Julie couldn't help but wonder who it was.

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