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   Chapter 1027 Work In The New Hotel

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6609

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Julie's eyes brightened, glancing at Jean. "You don't want me to work at Zed's hotel, right? But I need a job. What about involving me in developing the new hotel?"

Jean had guessed that this was what Julie wanted so she wasn't surprised when Julie suggested it.

Julie was clenching her fist, looking rather nervous.

"Shame on you, Julie! How could you just say that?"

James couldn't take it anymore, so he yelled at Julie.

Julie's expression changed suddenly. She was already afraid enough to look James in the eye because they'd ever had some intimate moments. She was having trouble accepting that they couldn't go back to how close they were before.

However, compared with James, Julie was much more ruthless, so she turned to him and practically spat, "This is none of your business."

James's face fell upon hearing this. For a few moments, he was just staring at her as if he was trying to come up with something to say but in the end, he fell short and just let it go.

"Well, Ms. Wen, have you decided yet? I'll work as hard as I can. I'm sure you won't regret hiring me."

Julie knew how to manipulate people with how she looked. For example, today, she purposely dressed as if she was exhausted and haggard from all the stress of not having a job. She did this to try to earn Jean's sympathy.

Since Julie made a promise in front of this whole crowd, she decided hype them to get their support. "Everyone, please be my witness. As long as Ms. Wen gives me another chance, I'll do my best to prove that I deserve it."

As expected, the crowd started to show their support for Julie. Now it was Jean who wasn't looking so good to the crowd now.

When James noticed that Jean was considering it, he wanted to tell her to think it over more but Jean shook her head and gestured for him to not say anything.

"All right. Since you promised, you can start tomorrow."

Julie froze and looked at Jean in surprise. "Seriously? You're agreeing?"

t they're almost completed. I'll show you as soon as they're done. Then we can start putting our plan into action and we can start operating."

Jean nodded and continued, "You don't have to wait for the completion. You can leave the rest to me. I'm taking over."

Zed was taken aback as if he wasn't sure he heard Jean right.

Jean frowned upon Zed's nonresponse. She pouted, "Zed, did you hear me? Or are you breaking your promise to me? You were never going to give me the hotel, weren't you?"

"No, no. The hotel is yours, Jean. I'm just so happy to hear that. I didn't know what to say. I didn't expect you'd agree so soon and so easily," Zed said excitedly.

He was surprised that Jean would agree to give up her job in the club. He'd noticed recently that whenever he went to the club, he could see how much Jean enjoyed her job there.

So he was pleasantly surprised to hear Jean offer to take over the management of the hotel. He was completely surprised and he was very happy.

"All right. From now on, everything about the hotel from the salary, the management, the employment, I'll be in charge of that, right?"

"Sure. What's up?" Zed was confused.

Zed didn't know why Jean had to specifically mention these things. As the owner of the hotel, of course, she was in charge of everything.

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