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   Chapter 1026 James' Surprise

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6089

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Julie's mother was feeling better about the situation now. 'Good job Julie, ' she thought to herself. If Julie's plan succeeded, it would be beneficial for her too.

Unlike Julie's mother, Jean was desperate. She never thought Julie would be smart enough to think ahead and delete her photos on her WeChat Moments. If Jean had thought of that, she would have taken a screenshot so she'd have evidence.

Right now, Jean couldn't do anything about it anymore.

"Jean, it's okay! Don't worry. I have a plan!"

James comforted Jean, shooting her a confident look. Then, he turned his eyes towards Julie's mother.

Julie's mother started to feel her stomach twist again—her sudden excitement was gone.

She stared back at James and barked, "Who the hell are you? Stay away out of this. This has nothing to do with you!"

Julie's mother was one of those people who didn't know how to control their temper. Consequently, she was a mean lady who had an unpleasant attitude.

"Jean is my friend. If she's involved then so am I! I won't just stand here and watch her get bullied by you!"

Upon speaking, James took out his phone and showed the photos to the crowd. Then he continued, "Everyone, please take a good look at these photos. Julie thought she could get away with it if she deleted her posts. Well, I took a photo of her Moments. Take a close look and see for yourself."

Everyone didn't know what James wanted to show them at first. They only understood when James explained and that was when they looked at the pictures again.

"Wow, can you see it? She blocked everyone else but Jean. Why would she do that?"

"Why? I'll tell you why—she wanted to hurt Jean's feelings, that's why! She blocked the rest because she didn't want to look bad. What a terrible thing to do! She'd never reveal her true sel

ely wanted everyone to see her as a faithful daughter. So, she hid her teeth and claws.

Jean waited her to finish her fake show before speaking, "You should treat your mother better. She did a lot for you. Lady at her age knelt down and begged forgiveness for her daughter. What a good mother!"

Julie's face turned red. She didn't expect Jean would bring that up.

Julie's mother didn't look good too. Jean reminded her of what she just did and how embarrassing it was. She turned to glare at Julie.

Julie was a little afraid to look at her mother. She knew if her mother didn't get anything from this, she would give her a hard time.

"Thank you for being so considerate. Of course, I will take good care of my mother,"

Julie said to Jean, gritting her teeth.

Jean was glad to see that she had angered Julie. Glancing at James, Jean closed her mouth and waited for Julie to respond.

"Ms. Wen, what happened between us in the past should stay in the past. Don't you agree? I just wanted you to give me a chance."

"What kind of chance do you want?"

Jean's face turned cold. She already had a guess on what Julie wanted. She just didn't want to say it first. Jean grimly stared at Julie.

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