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   Chapter 1025 The Argument

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7751

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"Madam, I'm telling you, you've got the wrong person. It's a pity that Julie lost her job, but it has nothing to do with Jean because she has done nothing wrong. The situation's not as you think it is!"

The clamor attracted the attention of the other people. The moment James found out the situation Jean was in, he immediately came to her to help her out.

Julie's mother, meanwhile, needed to attract as much attention as she could so as to make matters worse for Jean. That was why she chose this party to make a scene.

Julie told her that Jean had suffered from depression before. So she wondered if Jean was embarrassed in front of so many people, she might relapse. Only then would she achieve her goal.

"I've got the wrong person? How could that be possible? She's Jean, isn't she? She's Zed's wife."

The students there knew Jean so they all nodded to confirm Jean's identity to Julie's mother. The others even responded, "Madam, you're right. That's Jean, but we know Jean very well and we doubt she'd do that. She's not that kind of person."

"She's not that kind of person? You're just being deceived by that innocent face! You can't imagine how many dirty things she has done. I'll tell you the truth about all of them right now."

James wanted to defend Jean but Jean stopped him. Jean had been through so much since marrying Zed so she knew what kind of tricks the middle-aged woman was playing.

Jean stopped James just as he was about to open his mouth. Then she stared the woman down. Julie's mother was surprised because she didn't expect that of Jean. When she looked back at Jean, she suddenly felt a sense of fear come over her.

"Madam, we understand that you're speaking for Julie since you're her mother, but how can you say things like that when you know they aren't true? I despise you for doing that. Since you claim that it was me who asked Zed to fire Julie, then please tell everyone the details. That way, everyone can join you in fighting for Julie."

"All right. Now that you've mentioned it, then I'll go straight to the point. Did you tell Zed that you didn't want Julie to work at J Hotel? And did you ask Zed to fire Julie? Answer me honestly."

Julie's mother felt a bit nervous now because that was when she realized that Jean had exceeded her expectations. It


"Yes! Julie really is shameless..." some started to agree.

Even though everyone started taking Jean's side, she still wasn't content. She'd been through so many things in life to know that it was always going to be this way. People always followed the trend.

But then Jean became nervous because she suddenly discovered that the photos weren't on Julie's WeChat Moments anymore. 'How could that be possible? Did Julie delete the photos?' Jean wondered.

"What's wrong? Where's your evidence? Just show us."

Julie's mother also noticed the panic in Jean's eyes. She suddenly became excited when she realized she still had a chance to turn the situation in favor of her. She thought Julie was smart for deleting the photos.

'No way! Where are those photos? Oh, no! That bitch must have deleted them, ' Jean thought.

Jean's face turned red from anxiety and embarrassment. It was too late now. She couldn't prove what she'd said anymore no matter how hard she explained because she didn't have proof.

"What's wrong, Jean?"

James grabbed Jean's cell phone and checked it only to find that Julie's WeChat Moments to be empty. He suddenly realized that Julie had deleted the photos she had purposely posted to provoke Jean.

"Julie's so cunning. I know Jean's telling the truth because I saw the photos too. But I don't know when Julie deleted them."

James wanted to explain. But no matter how he put it, it still sounded like just a lame excuse.

Suddenly, James thought of something when he saw his cell phone.

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