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   Chapter 1024 Prevent Zed From Seeing Jean

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6892

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Hess knew he had committed a huge mistake. So no matter how Julie scolded him, he pretended not to hear it. When Julie was almost done, Hess intervened, "Julie, you can't just flee from this matter. What would Zed think if he knew you entrusted me to spy on him?"

Hess knew what Julie's weakness was and what she was most apprehensive about. He wanted her to know that she could never just get rid of him without consequences.

"Damn it. All right, I'll give you some money. I'll be able to transfer twenty thousand dollars to your bank account. But there's one thing you have to keep in mind. If anything of this sort were to occur again, I won't be helping you!"

"Please don't worry, Sister. I'll make sure that I'm more cautious from now onwards, and I'm not going to allow any more blunders under my watch."

After disconnecting the call, Hess rolled his eyes and sneered, "Bitch! If it weren't for me, you would never even have gotten anywhere near Zed!"

And at this point, Julie felt completely defeated and grief-stricken. She resented her blood-sucking mother and brother. But now she seemed to have no choice but to wire the money to Hess. She had too much at stake to risk it.

As soon as Hess received the money, he contacted the service manager and asked her to hand over the money to Ellie immediately. He wanted to get it done and over with, once and for all.

What Hess did not know was that Ellie was way too ambitious. She wouldn't resolve the matter with the meager sum of money Hess was offering. She was more interested in Hess's position at the company.

She had been jealous of Hess's position for a very long time and was willing to pounce on it. She had already figured it out. She would inform Zed about everything and then somehow recommend herself as Hess's replacement.

Of course, the meticulous planning required would take a certain amount of time. But Ellie was in no hurry.

After a few days of investigation, Julie's mother, with the help of Julie, had figured out where Jean was.

Tonight, Jean's students we

ate? Anyway, it doesn't concern me since I haven't offended Julie in any manner."

Jean was not the kind of person who'd tolerate bullies. Now when she heard this woman's clamor, she felt a little agitated.

"Of course you would deny any connection whatsoever with Julie. Don't you feel guilty at all about having hurt Julie so badly?"

Jean could finally see that this woman was here today to manufacture a huge deal of trouble, probably for Julie.

Jean was furious and yelled back at the woman, "What exactly are you here for? What's your relationship with Julie? Why do you claim that I have hurt her? If you can't provide any valid evidence, please shut your mouth, or I'll sue you for slander."

"What? You are going to sue me for slander? I'm telling you, Jean, I'm Julie's mother. My daughter has been hurt. Is it wrong for me to stand up for my own daughter? If you sue me for libel, I will sue you back!"

"You are Julie's mother?"

Although Jean had never seen Julie's mother, she had heard Zed talk about her greed many times.

Now, as she witnessed for herself how Julie's mother unfolded herself like a vampire, Zed's words in her mind seemed to match with her character more accurately.

"Yes, I'm Julie's mother. So tell me, you are the reason behind my daughter being fired from her job. Then, am I not entitled to at least see your face?"

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