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   Chapter 1023 The Mess In J Hotel

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6011

Updated: 2019-10-01 15:26

While Julie was trying to figure out how to use her mother to mess with Jean, Jean was out having dinner with Zed. It was very important for Zed to have a nice dinner with his wife.

The dinner was nice. They took a lot of pictures to capture their memories. Zed chose their beautiful pictures and posted them on his WeChat Moments. Jean did so too. A lot of their friends liked their posts which brightened Jean's mood.

In the J Hotel, Hess had already figured out who tattled on him to Zed. Even if the female employee didn't mean to tattle, it didn't matter because Zed found it either way.

The following morning, Hess found an excuse to fire her.

She only knew that Hess had left early the other day and she didn't know what happened later on. She just figured she had bad luck. And she didn't suspect that Hess fired her out of his own selfishness.

"Sir, could you please give me another chance? I will try my best to fix this problem! Please give me a chance!"

She thought Hess wasn't serious about firing her for such a small mistake. She ran to his office and tried to beg for her job back.

However, Hess was brutal. He didn't care about her apology. He waved his hand and said impatiently, "That's enough. J hotel doesn't need an irresponsible employee like you."

What Hess had just said made her realize that Hess just wanted to fire her. She looked at Hess in surprise. "Why are you saying that? What did I do to offend you?"

Hess sneered and didn't utter a word. He shook his head, sighed and just asked her to leave.

She couldn't do anything anymore. She had no choice but to pack up her things as tears streamed down her face.

At this moment, Ellie snuck up to her from the back and whispered, "Are you just going to give up and let your job go like that?"

frustrated her. She couldn't help but take it out on him.

Hess needed Julie's help right now. He tolerated her bad temper. When she was done, Hess finally said, "Sis, I really need your help this time. If you don't help me, I might lose my job for real!"

"What's going on? What have you done this time?"

No matter what, Julie needed Hess to watch Zed for her. If he was fired, all her plans would be ruined.

"Sis, do you remember that customer we had who was complaining the sanitation problems a couple of days ago?"

"Ugh, how could I not remember that customer? He still annoys me even today."

"Sis, I have to tell you something. It was all my fault,"

Hess said hastily.

"What? What do you mean?"

Julie asked. She was a bit confused. She remembered that the customer just complained about the room's cleanliness so she didn't know how Hess could possibly be involved in that.

Hess figured that Julie might get confused so he confessed everything to her.

Upon hearing this, Julie was relieved that the customer was a friend of hers or else, Hess might have gotten into even more trouble.

"Damn you, Hess! Can you just give me a break?" Julie was seething now.

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